RTK 1 6th ed. deck

I added a column to this spreadsheet with the 6th Edition keywords, i.e. the same as the column to its left except with the changes suggested by lauri_ranta above.

It hasn't been proof-read against the main entries in the text, so if you spot any differences let me know and I'll update it.
Maybe the Anki deck I compared against was based on the 6th Edition Frame Number Converter thread or script. From replies to that thread, 填 should be "inlay" instead of "stuff up" and 貼 should be "post a bill" instead of "affix".

I also found that 箋 ("stationary" in the deck) is "stationery" in the index at Amazon. It was misspelled in the second edition of RTK3.
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Those keywords are from the RTK1 supplement, rather than RTK3. The supplement gave some RTK3 characters new keywords.

edit: ah I see. I guess the 6th edition uses the supplement keywords, not the RTK3 ones.
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Where is the latest version of this deck? The dropbox link?
irondoom Wrote:Where is the latest version of this deck? The dropbox link?
For Anki 2 try: