Half way!

Good job! You're an inspiration to people like me who are still below 500. :=)
Checking in for the halfway crew. 1026, and I'll finish up before the year is out. Good times.

edit: Make that 1044. Couldn't resist doing that short lesson today, and it had a bunch of kanji I already knew anyway.
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On 1164 at the moment (although I was going to add some more later on to finish up the lesson I was on). I was hoping to kick it up a bit and finish by September/October.

I started around May, but haven't kept up with adding things in everyday although I do try to review everyday. I'm trying to getting into the habit of adding a couple of new kanji every day even if it's not really a lot (like 5-10).

I had some trouble with certain words so far (things like 'board' I always mistake for 'plank', and I keep writing 'journey' as 'trip), but I just started using the Greasemonkey plugin to change keywords. So hopefully those troubles will disappear now.
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just crossed 1000
Just hit the 1,000 mark last night, and the highest retention rate I've had in a while (90%) and everything is starting to stick Big Grin
Lesson 28 completed, 1044 kanji, yeah! Looking at random Japanese articles on Wikipedia, and being able to recognize about half of the kanji in there, sure is a nice motivation. I'm looking forward to finishing all 2024, and then, at last, I may learn to use them to make actual words :-)

Yay I can finally post here! Let's keep the momentum going, half finished already.
I just completed chapter 27! Woohoo! It was fun to use my best friend as the person in chapter 27 lol.
Hooray for me! That was a triumphant umbrella. Just a cruise to the finish line now...
On Chapter 27, stomach feeling the willies...

I've used RtK on and off over the last 10 years - must be a record (still have the original cardboard flashcard deck), but I could never gather the willpower to break over the 600-700 barrier; the momentum was lost whenever I had make up stories.

Thanks to everyone on this site (including ファブリス for building a great resource) and their endless creativity (many stories are better than Heisig's), I'm approaching the 1000 barrier for the very first time!

Using Data and Flash as mnemonics were a great help.

Now, I'm up to Mr. T... ...I pity da foo who thinks RtK doesn't work!
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Congrats ! :-)

I agree with you: many of the stories made by other users of this site beat, in terms of long-term recall (stickyness?), those stories I made for myself. And it is much faster -- making a good story takes time, too. I may have lost motivation, too, if it were not for this site.
45 days in and I'm halfway done with this war. I think I'm going to hunker down and slaughter the last half even faster. I'm pumped up now lol.
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Well I'm officially past halfway!!!! I started less than two months ago with the goal of finishing before the end of the year so I'm slightly ahead of schedule.
Just hit halfway too!! Like activeaero said, I'm going to slaughter the next half!
Any day without RTK feels weird now!
Good luck to the people on the way to half way, and thanks a lot the the pioneers who left the stories to help us on this site!
Forgot to post here. I'm more than halfway now (1343), using only anki and importing/creating story in the program. It took me 3-4 months for only 742 kanji, then I decided to accelerate the pace and usually do 40 - 75 kanji/day (for the past 28 days). There are some days with minimal input but lots of reviews. Hope to finish the book in less then a month.

Thanks to all users making creative stories -- I use them quite a lot when I can't make a sticky story or when I'm too tired to create one by myself.
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Yay ! Just finished Lesson 27, thanks to Chuck Norris :-D
Took me 6 months to get there, I hope I can finish RTK by the end of the year...
Thanks to story-sharing people and to Fuaburisu of course !
Finally hit the mark! 1026 kanji done Smile Feels really good, even though it took me longer than expected. Hopefully, I'll be motivated enough to raise the tempo now that I know it's downhill.

I joined on the 25th of August and it's now the 26th of October, so it has taken me 2 months and 1 day to get this far which means I'll be able to finish before next year which was my goal from the start, that is if I continue at this speed which is about 17 new kanji each day.
Woohoo! Gratz Tobberoth!!!

I'm struggling with reviews and doing (or NOT) RTK3 myself - it really does seem like it'll never end...

But you should know that the second half does seem to go by faster. I personally had some slowdown around 1300, I think, and also around 1700-1800, but other than that it seems that there are more concrete (rather than abstract) words in the 2nd 1000. Also, using characters for the mnemonics is a great help. I liked Spiderman, Bruce Lee, The Flash, Mr. T, Data, Trojan Horse, and a few others in particular...
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I'm halfway! Finally Big Grin
Passed the halfway hump yesterday! Now on 1053... Started back in late July/early August, so it's taken 3 months to get this far. I plan to finish by the end of November however, so am making a concerted push now.

For everyone not quite there yet, keep going! It comes faster than you think...
Finished Lesson 27 today so that's 1026. In conjunction with this awesome event today, I asked about 80 of my Japanese students(junior high school) if they could write the kanji for butterfly. The So I did it for them Smile

I think I'll treat myself to some Japanese's sooooooo good Smile
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Careful about showing off. If in doubt use the "hand of humility"

I only say that in that I showed off a lot with my kanji, and kind of regret it in hindsight. With that, congrats. Keep it up, but don't let up. It does get a bit more difficult on the last half.
Nukemarine Wrote:Careful about showing off. If in doubt use the "hand of humility"
That was a great video! These things I already know as I learned awhile ago to ignore(or not take seriously) any Japanese person's praise of my Japanese.

I actually used this as part of an English class for "Can you...?" where I asked "Can you write the kanji for butterfly?" and believe me, if I do this once in awhile, not too often, junior high school kids love it. Maybe because they haven't finished their "How To Be Japanese" schooling Smile

And thanks for the encouragment as we all need it at some point.
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wow congrats!
I started kanji like a 4 weeks ago and I am only number 158.
keep on keepin' on.
Nukemarine Wrote:Careful about showing off. If in doubt use the "hand of humility"

I only say that in that I showed off a lot with my kanji, and kind of regret it in hindsight. With that, congrats. Keep it up, but don't let up. It does get a bit more difficult on the last half.
Wow, if that guy is American, I'm really impressed by his pronounciation, I've never heard an American speak Japanese so well. The flag in the back makes me thing otherwise, but his English sounds extremely good as well so... His first mimic of somone bad at japanese was spot on though XD