Half way!

Good job! Like everybody has said half way is where it starts to get mucky! Keep going though! You will never regret the time you are spending on these kanji now.

My only suggestion is to set your standards low! That might sound weird but I mean tell yourself at least one kanji a day! Chances are you are going to do 5-10 anyway but if you just tell yourself your goal is one a day it's easy to meet and before long you done!
Ow yeah babe. I'm on 1000 right now!
Congratulations matey! Your persistence has brought you so far and will surely last you through the remaining 1022 as well. Keep on going! Smile
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You mean 1021? My book only has 2042 kanji Big Grin

Just saw the "3/4 way done" post, but I'm not there yet- 1390 for me. I did the first 1021 in about 6 weeks (and the first 500 in 9 days)- then I had a lot of problems with Anki which really de-motivated me- I would randomly lose cards and reviews- very very frustrating after adding 20 cards and losing 10 or doing 150 reviews to lose them all. So I only added about 200 kanji in a month's span (could have also been my MBA assignments...) Trying to get back on the horse now, but one final assignment and exams are getting in the way.

This site is an absolute godsend for the stories! So many people have helped me form my own stories along the way. みなさん、ありがとうございました!

I guess my point was... just keep going- as someone said- it is easier to stay in the groove than to get back into it! (and ignore the people that call you crazy...) Now if I could just finish get this MBA out of the way, I could spend more time on 漢字! (shout out to AJATT! That's how I found all of this!)
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As of this date, I too am a member of the thousand club!

Four digits sure look better than three. Wink
w00t w00t!

Just finished Lesson 27 and it's pretty awesome.

I am starting to slow down, probably because of growing reviews (50-60 expired per day) and working for the summer. Still trying to add 20 a day when I can. I wanted to finish before summer ended, but I may have to reevaluate that.

Ah well, thanks for the stories. I've been stealing them a whole lot.
Congrats! You'll be posting in the 3/4 thread before you know it! ^^
I have done it! Crested over the top of Lesson 27, that "final uphill push," thus making my total kanji: 1026!

Tomorrow, I shall attend to the next lesson, a scant 18 kanji, while trimming my alarmingly increasing fail pile. I've been averaging slightly over 40 per day, so I plan to slightly lower my rate for the nonce. 1200 or so seems to be a sticky spot, according to some posters, so I want to drive at it smoothly, preventing burnout. After my reviews die down(currently at around 115/day, I once had about 160 in a day plus a whole load from the night before), and my fail stack has dwindled away, only then will I release the floodgates of kanji, pouring in masses of them, digesting large lessons in a single day.

It is better to know all of these 1026 well, then slowly proceeding to assimilate the rest of the book, than to press onwards carelessly, and know perhaps only 70 percent of the 2042.
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Just broke the halfway barrier & landed on 1041 for the day. Woo-hoo!

Funny, Heisig says it is all downhill from here, but most everyone else says the next 1000 kanji are pretty brutal. Time to find out first hand & report my findings on the "I just finished RTK I..." thread. See you in another month or so!
Yo BigAmish. I think Heisig says that because you already developed your kanji learning skills. Now you just have to use it.

They "mucky stuff" people tell about is the increase of confusing keywords and varienty of primitives.

I'm enjoying the second half of the path more, even if the first 1000 were easier. That's because I'm finally seeing some familiar kanjis that I was eager to learn.
I've been told that this goes on even till the end of RTK3. So keep going, dont slow down.
Frow now on the experience of learning kanji will, day by day, became more rewarding.
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Just finished lesson 27!!!! :-)
...and just show the huge pile I 'll have to review tomorrow morning... :-(
1007 unique kanji known. That's just how awesome I am.

I will admit, my daily retention rate has dropped from 95% to 85%. This is getting a little difficult. But then again, 100% of my mnemonics are original, half the primitives are my own, and I'm learning completely out of order from Heisig's book.

I can't wait for classes to start again, I'll walk into Japanese class with the Joyo kanji list memorized.
Woot! Just finished lesson 27!

I started on June 14, so that means I hit the halfway mark in one month. Hopefully, I can maintain the pace, but we'll see. I have a little bit of a deadline, since my wife is pregnant and due on September 1. My goal is to make it to the end of the book before the baby comes. (I have no idea how I'll be able to fit in the reviews. One problem at a time. :-) )

Scary life changes aside, this last month has been awesome. I studied Japanese in high school and college (graduated 10 years ago), but haven't had much call to use it since. Now I'm re-inspired to work on the language and make the leap that I didn't before. I think I'll celebrate the milestone by buying 2001 Kanji Odyssey.
Or maybe I'll go for the instant gratification and take a trip down to Kinokuniya tomorrow. Or better yet, both!
wooot hit half way today as well! Took me 3 months...but i tackled the last 400 in a couple weeks actually. My retention rate went to crap and i got long reviews but this is more motivating than my slower method. I dont plan on taking another 3 months to finish hoping 1-1.5 months
Way to go!
I personaly believe the 1000 were the hardest to achieve.
For next 1000, tought technicaly harder, you arleady have the tools built in your mind.
I agree!

I have been blowing through the book since frame 1100 and expect to finish in a couple of days. The latter half is easier!
Half way, baby! w00t! Never would have imagined getting this far. Thanks for all of your help and encouragement, guys! See you at 2042!
Keep up the good work! ^^
alantin Wrote:Congraz!
Keep up the good work! ^^
Thanks! Working my hardest to get this done before I have to register for the JLPT next month and start busting my tush on that!
i did it!
yeah! thanks for all your phrases!
i'm sure i'll end it till the end of this year!
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I've just finished lesson 28 - about to start 29. I'm more than halfway! Smile

Thanks in no short measure to this very forum that supplies me with lots of great ideas - Thanks!

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Congratulations, guys! Keep it up!
duncan Wrote:I've just finished lesson 28 - about to start 29. I'm more than halfway! Smile

Thanks in no short measure to this very forum that supplies me with lots of great ideas - Thanks!

Here here! I'm in the same place you are!

And I'm loving all the tips and advice this site and forum has given me. I hope that I can help everyone out as well.

On 1124, and I don't see this thread bumped too often Smile
I feel like I was moving upwards towards 1021, but that now I have began moving downward.