"Japanese Core 6000" in German - project done


I translated the Core 6000 into German. Not from their English definitions, but from the Kanji directly.
It can be found on memrise: Top 6000 Japanisch

I am currently working on little things like "parts of speech" and such, so this is very much a work in progress and will be for quite a while, and I also fine-tune the definitions here and there, putting accepted alternatives... but you can use it to learn now, I do so myself.

I translated it because I think that, even if you're fluent in English and the definitions don't pose a problem for you, going at it directly from your mother tongue does make a difference (especially since the original English version needs example sentences for full understanding, while this list does not).

However; since I am only human, there might be mistakes. I'm fixing those while I go through the list already, but even then, I might overlook something. After all, I'm very much still a learner, and if I knew all these words fully, I wouldn't use it to learn myself.


If there exist lists of words for actually spoken language (the Core 6000 is a collection of frequency in newspapers only - not useless, but also not perfect), please let me know. I'd love to use them, too, most probably translate them as well.

Thank you.
Edited: 2012-04-03, 10:19 am
P.P.S.: You can download the list and import it into ANKI, if you so chose. I think you'll have to modify the format though. The download will be an Excel spreadsheet. Hope this is useful for someone else than me, too.

Don't let the word overview fool you. This is not "just the Kana". You will see the Kanji when you hover the mouse over the words. They are being tested after you got the Kana correct a certain number of times.
Edited: 2012-04-03, 10:14 am
Wow excellent job! Definitely time well spent, well done.
The List is down, could you upload it again?