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小泉八雲のKWAIDAN ~ 怪談 ~  展  翻訳本と映画の世界

"...In doing so, he brought about ‘Saiwa’ literature (Folktales retold lit.). Hearn did not simply choose bizarre ghost stories as his subject to work on just to play the eccentric artist. Rather, he used this retelling of traditional ghost stories as a vehicle for posing questions about humanity, for questioning how we should live, and questioning the essence of the spirit and the soul. Through his writing Hearn posed these questions to us, the readers."

Life and Writings of Lafcadio Hearn (Study Material)

Kottō : being Japanese curios, with sundry cobwebs (Audio Material)

Kwaidan (怪談 Kaidan) is a 1964 Japanese portmanteau film directed by Masaki Kobayashi; the title means 'ghost story'. It is based on stories from Lafcadio Hearn's collections of Japanese folk tales.

Kwaidan Interview with the director and film's composer Takemitsu Toru

小泉八雲 (公開中の作品)
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This is a spin-off from the "japanese subtitles for films" thread. Instead of Japanese subtitles, I plan to post excerpt of film transcript and related books. For now, the focus will be on Film Noir, classic films or independent films. では、よろしくお願いしま~す。 Smile
Original Story: Lafcadio Hearn (aka Koizumi Yakumo)
Screenplay: Mizuki Yoko
Director: Kobayashi Masaki

黒  髪
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Kwaidan - Clip from "The Black Hair" 黒髪
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The Kobayashi Takiji Memorial and The Factory Ship
Why a Boom in Proletarian Literature in Japan?

The Manga Version is FREE and available for download at Takiji Library.
マンガ蟹工船 ダウンロード (PDFファイル 約40MB)-> 『マンガ蟹工船』を無料公開!!

The thread from "buonaparte's audio and text links" have parallel-text in JP-EN and audio readings in Japanese language.

「蟹工船」 The Factory Ship (or The Crab Cannery Ship) has been made into film in 2009.
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Dazai Osamu:  Villion's Wife

The Japanese text is available at Aozora Bunko and the read-a-loud at Voiceblog sounds good. English translation can be found at buonaparte's audio and text links

この鉄の輪はの くるぐる回してさー
Please spin this prayer wheel...

...and if it turns back even a bit after it stops...

...(it was said) that person goes into Hell.

Villon's Wife (ヴィヨンの妻 〜桜桃とタンポポ〜) is a 2009 Japanese film directed by Kichitaro Negishi with lead actress Takako Matsu as Sachi and lead actor Tadanobu Asano as Otani.
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