How do I stop my Japanese friend from joining a cult? Am I too late?

The flip-side to conspiracy theorists are the people who will automatically dismiss any non mainstream thought and/or assume if scientists/government/nobel prize winner says it, it must be true. No one has the time/means or intelligence to be completely informed on all issues so people tend to rely on varying amounts of faith in different sources. As we get older we hopefully get better at finding reliable sources and being a good judge of character.
Zgarbas Wrote:BTW, them being a 2012 end of the world thing might actually help. When the prophecy is proven wrong most "prophets" are discredited. Lots of groups had that happen, though certain individuals keep coming back for more(i forget of the name of pseudo-math guy who was a 99-is-the-end prophet, a 2000-is-the end, a 2004-is-the-end and is not preaching about 2012-is-the-end and how he used his mathematical energies to cure cancer in 5 minutes), but they are very few.
I read something about how believers' beliefs will grow even stronger after the prophecy is proven wrong:

It's hard to help someone who wants to believe in something. Believing and being part of the cult makes her feel good and gives a sense of purpose to her life that no one else gives her.
aphasiac Wrote:
IceCream Wrote:David Icke as in the holocaust denier David Icke???
You're probably thinking of David Irving.

Icke is not a holocaust denier, though if put on the spot he'd probably question it (like he questions absolutely every official line). It's also possible Icke's main notion of a new world order run by a reptilian race is a thinly veiled reference to Jewish people, but only his hardcore followers believe that stuff anyway.
lololol oops..... good!!! Big Grin That's not quite so bad then...
@aphasiac really? David Icke, a positive message? As far as I can tell, his primary messages are:
- The Queen, George Bush and the world elite in general are reptilian humanoids from another galaxy.
- The whole of world history has been guided by several conspiring secret societies.
- The moon is a spacecraft which a different alien species uses to control the thoughts of humans.
- Beings can pop in and out of multiple invisible dimensions, which is why nobody except him and a few others on the forums of his website can actually tell what's going on.

The guy is severely mentally ill, and is deliberately a focus and stimulus for other mentally ill people who are prone to persuasion about things which will ultimately have them alienated from society. He also uses his influence to promote racism and paranoia. I don't see any positive message there, at all.

@chamcham the best two things you can do are:
1. As IceCream suggested, post the guys name here and let the hive-mind internet research machine find out about him for you.
2. Be there for your friend, and try to steer her away from the situation non-confrontationally. Perhaps trying to meet her at time when she would go there, or arrange something similar but safer to do. The other meditation group you suggested sounds like a good idea.
It's funny how some posters believe that joining a mainstream religion is somehow better/healthier than joining a cult. The only difference is size. All religions start as cults.

In 2000 years everyone might be worshiping this Japanese dude.
Just wanted to give an update.
I never got a hold of the cult leader's name.

Basically, I stepped back and let her do her thing.

My friend only went a few times and is now really into yoga.
It allows her to relax and meditate.

So I'm happy :-)
I remember I felt a little depressed when I read this thread back then. Glad to hear that things are alright, thank you for updating Smile