6th Edition Frame Number Converter (closed)

Katsuo, thanks a lot, that clears it up! I appreciate it.
I've noticed that most of the flashcards include the keywords from both the sixth edition and the previous ones. However, there are two I've come across that don't.

曖 is "unclear" in the sixth edition and 貼 is "post a bill", which overlaps with "affixed" (附) later on.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying the site. Thanks to all the individuals who have contributed time and effort into making it so great!

You should no longer use this tool since December 3rd, 2014 update.

Go to Account > Kanji Sequence and select New Edition. Then you can enter frame numbers in the Manage pages from the 6th edition.

Many thanks to gomtuu for providing a solution for 6th edition users when the website didn't support it.

The thread will be unstickied now to avoid confusion.

Thread is closed too, for 6th edition support please post in this thread thanks!