RevTK Software Developer Showcase

This thread is a place where members can create a single post to show off any language learning software that they have personally created and feel others might be interested in.

Recommended Guidelines:
1) One post per user. Edit your post instead of creating a new one.
2) Please refrain from posting if you are not a software developer and have no
language learning software that you have personally created to contribute.
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I'll go first.

Most useful:

Capture2Text - Link - Allows you to quickly capture a small portion of the screen, OCR it and (by default) save the result to the clipboard.

Epwing2Anki - Link - May be used to automatically or semi-automatically create Japanese Anki vocabulary cards based on a provided list of words and one or more of your favorite EPWING dictionaries and/or the included EDICT J-E dictionary and Tatoeba example sentence corpus.

Kanji Word Association Tool - Link - This tool was created for students who want to learn kanji and words at the same time in the most optimal fashion possible. Based on a user-provided list of kanji, this tool will generate a list of words that are associated with each kanji and ensure that each word consists only of kanji that you have already studied up to that point and kana. In addition, words are sorted by frequency and no duplicate words are used.

Japanese Text Analysis Tool - Link - Used to analyze Japanese texts and generate 4 kinds of reports: Word Frequency Report, Kanji Frequency Report, Formula-based Readability Report, and User-based Readability Report.

JGlossator - Link - Used to perform a gloss on Japanese text complete with de-inflected expressions, readings, audio pronunciation, example sentences, pitch accent, word frequency, kanji information, and grammar analysis.

JNovel Formatter - Link - A utility that will convert a Japanese novel (in text form) to one or more specially formatted HTML files.

OCR Manga Reader for Android - Link - OCR Manga Reader is a free and open source Android app that allows you to quickly OCR and lookup Japanese words in real-time. It does not have ads and does not require network permissions. Supports EDICT J-E dictionary, ENAMDICT name dictionary (optional), kanji dictionary (optional), and up to 4 EPWING dictionaries.

Rikaisama (aka Rikaichan: RevTK Community Edition) - Link - A modification of Rikaichan to include 1) Ability to hear the pronunciation for the highlighted word, 2) EPWING Mode, 3) J-J sanseido dictionary lookups, 4) Word frequency, 5) Pitch accents 6) Advanced save options, 7) Ability to save directly to an Anki deck, 8) Super Sticky Mode, 9) Customizable shortcut keys 10) Startup tab in options dialog, 11) Kanji link to the study page, 12) Transparency, 13) Show which words are already in your known or to-do words list.

subs2srs - Link - A utility that allows you to create SRS (for example Anki) import files based on your favorite foreign language movies and TV shows to aid in the language learning process.

Other useful things:

Aozora Gaiji Replacer - Link A utility that will look at a Japanese novel and replace aozora gaiji constructs with UTF-8 equivalents.

Aozora Remover - Link A utility that will remove the Aozora constructs and HTML tags from a file or a directory of files.

Audio Lesson Studio - Link - Allows you to create simple, user-defined, .mp3 audio lessons that may be used as an aid for learning languages or just about anything else - use your imagination! Audio can be based on existing media or automatically generated using Text-To-Speech.

bassplayer - Link - Command line media player to go with the shared Anki plugin Custom Media Player 2. Unlike mplayer, bassplayer will play very short audio files to completion. Usage: Link

cb's Japanese Frequency List Sorter - Link - Sorts a list of Japanese words based on their frequency.

cbJisho - E-J Dictionary Based on Word Frequency - Link - An English-to-Japanese dictionary that sorts results based on relative frequencies in blogs, newspapers and novels.

JDIC Audio Extraction Tool - Link - Tools for extracting desired JDIC audio files from the linked offline JDIC vocabulary audio archive.

vobsub2text - Link - A utility that uses OCR technology to automatically convert VOBSUB subtitles (.idx/.sub) to subrip (.srt) subtitles. (Currently in the experimental stage).

Word List Duplicate Remover - Link - Finds both unique and duplicate words based on a list of words that you want to learn and the words already in your Anki deck.
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Sticki-ed. Eew.
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Kanji Invaders - Link - A web-based typing game to build Kanji vocabulary. Words fall as Kanji, then turn into kana at the halfway point. Installable to iPad as a web-application.

Mainichi - Link - An iOS Japanese word-a-day alarm clock. Integrates with Twitter, has the ability to save favorites.

KoohiiTouch - Link - An iPad-based touch screen add-on for RevTK. Sketch your kanji as you review them! Should work on other tablets (it's just HTML Canvas), but no guarantees.

Singleshot - Link - A Mac OS X app for setting a single global hotkey that switches to a single specific input method. Good for if you want a Chinese/Korean version of the Kana/Romaji buttons on a Japanese keyboard. Also available in free open source form on this Github page.
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Kanji Sketch Pad - Link
Uploaded Android version to Google Play... Draw with your finger and get immediate feedback. Optionally incorporate pictures of the primitives that appear when you draw or when you need a hint. Includes a complete list of joyo kanji with primitive breakdown and mnemonics, arranged into 100 lessons.


Android demo: KSP for Android
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#6, online spaced repetition system for Japanese flashcards - Link

Free and open-source web app for creating, sharing, finding, and reviewing Japanese flashcards. iPhone app coming soon. Just launched, so I appreciate your feedback!

Note: it does not work with Internet Explorer yet. Sorry! I'll fix this shortly.

Manabi Dictionary, EPWING dictionary viewer for OS X. Link
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Sorry if this post has no software to present. It can be erased at any time.
This is just to point out that mentioning system requirements in the posts would save a lot of time. As a Mac user, should I follow all links to figure out which ones are suitable for my machine? Or is this thread "Windows only"?
anki-high-priority - Linux command line tool to automatically promote cards in Anki decks Link
Yomichan: Rikaichan-like app for Anki (designed for vocab/sentence mining)
AnkiJoy: Gamepad support for Anki (currently only supported on Linux)
MCD Support for Anki - allows creation of AJATT/Surusu style Massive-Context Cloze-Deletion Cards.
anki nihongo scripts to support the study of RTK and Japanese sentences:

kore core2k+core6k complete, enhanced and sorted by kanji

franki field replacement for anki

lookup-sentences looks up a gloss for each word in a sentence using the WWWJDIC Text Word Translation service

scanki converter for anki

swanki suspend words in anki

xxfurigana plugin to control furigana display

cranki convert readings for anki

kanji-graph graph kanji occurrences in sorted sentences

kanji-count report cumulative new kanji use in a collection of sentences

kanji-occurrences find occurrences in a collection of sentences

kanji-sort sort lines by kanji

kanji-freq report kanji frequency distribution

kanji-info RTK name and number and vocab indexed by kanji

kanji-vocab JLPT, core2k and ko2001 vocab arranged by kanji

ankitty a curses-based review-only anki client for embedded unix devices

grid add a drawing grid to kanji as a writing aid

heisighelper plugin and script to lookup rtk kanji

revtkrip make an offline mirror of stories from RevTK

heisig-page mapping of heisig number to RTK 4ed page number

errata combines RTK 4ed pdf with errata pdf

overwrite-fields plugin to overwrite existing fields with data from an external file
Kanji Stories
Free iPhone/iPad app to import your stories from this website (using CSV files), search the kanji, view stroke orders and edit the stories.
See this thread for more information.

[Image: screen568x568.jpeg]
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iTunes / introductory blog post - an iPhone/iPad app that teaches you hiragana and katakana if you don't know them yet, or if you do, it serves as a fun, quick drilling tool to improve your reading speed

[Image: sim-500.png]

iTunes - The same idea applied to kanji. Currently includes the 440 kanji that first-, second-, and third-grade Japanese students learn. It also, of course, uses Heisig's keywords!

[Image: sim-500.png]

Anki Editor Autocomplete plugin
AnkiWeb - Just a small plugin to add autocomplete to the card editor. I made it so I could play through Final Fantasy 6 a second time, mining only new sentences I hadn't added the first time I played.
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Kanji RTK LookUp

Windows program that allows users to search Kanji by primitives, keywords, kanji and RTK number. The queries an Excel spreadseet (.xls) version of Nukemarine's excellent Kanken spreadsheet.


Originally I made the program to help me on my studies and I am still a bit inexperienced when it comes to programming and testing so there might be some bugs present.

Program is opensource and the source is available on the link below the installer link.

- OS: Windows
- Net framework 3.5 (installer should detect and install it automatically if missing)
- Japanese characters installed.

Kanji RTK LookUp
Source (C#)
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Goi - Intelligent Japanese Vocabulary is an iOS app (iOS 6+) for learning and reviewing Japanese vocabulary.

Goi uses your existing knowledge to help you learn new words. Each person will be taken on their own unique path to learning vocabulary.

Goi also features a brand new way to study -- we call it Contextual Spacing. Instead of spacing reviews over time like traditional flashcard programs or SRS, we take advantage of relationships between words to help you learn them in context. Say you're learning the word "water". At first you might see it next to the word "ocean" -- this helps you learn it faster. As you learn it better though, you'll see it with less related words (like "laugh"!) to solidify your mastery.

For more details on Contextual Spacing and other features, check out our website.

Here are some more features of Goi:

• No levels: intelligently customized to you on the fly
• Contextual Spacing: beyond SRS, we space both time and context
• Advanced learning algorithm: learn new words when they will stick best
• Passive and Active review: powerfully combined to take advantage of both
• Professionally recorded native audio
• Furigana hiding: test both meaning and reading, gradually
• Beautiful overview statistics: automatically check your progress as you study
• Detailed statistics: view and track your long term progress
• Built-in Japanese dictionary with over 8,000 JLPT words (and growing!)
• Personal word library: keep track of the words you know

For more information on what sets Goi apart check out Why we made Goi

As per the rules posted at the top of this thread I will try to incorporate answer questions asked in this thread into my original post rather than as a reply.

Tamba Wrote:Are you planning an Android Version, or will this stay iOS only?
We are a two person team right now and it's taking all of our effort to develop for iOS. We simply don't have the resources to code (and maintain) a separate Android app. If, however, we do get considerable interest in an android version we may be open to the possibility of working collaboratively with an android developer to make a version for Android. If you are an android developer and interested in this please contact us via our website.

Also, if you're interested in status updates regarding Goi please subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on twitter @goiapp.
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Japanese Lesson Viewer & Editor
JLVE is a Windows program for creating and running Japanese lessons (no lessons included!). I did it for my personal use when I finish the RTK, but maybe it is useful for someone else.
Here are some of the apps I worked on for learning Japanese:

[Image: mirai_japanese_small.png]

Mirai Japanese -- for complete beginners, with detailed explanations by an English tutor and 2 native Japanese speakers (male & female), includes grammar, and beautiful pictures to help you remember vocabulary, quizzes, flashcards, stroke order animations, writing practice, and more.

WordUP Japanese -- has a large list of words and phrases, with various functionalities to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation such as auto-playback, record & compare, flashcards, quizzes.

Mirai Kana Chart -- a cleanly designed hiragana and katakana chart, with various modes to help you learn how to write the kana characters.

Thank you. よろしくお願いします。
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[Image: popup-japanese-dictionary-screenshot-2.webp.jpg]
Popup Japanese Dictionary

Hi, I am one of the developers of
Popup Japanese Dictionary, a free new Android Japanese-English offline dictionary app. Its key feature is letting users look up words by copying text (e.g. from the Android browser, or any other app). The meaning of the copied word will be displayed in a small popup window that floats on the screen. This means that users no longer have to switch away from their current app, just to look up a Japanese word.

We think that the app will be helpful to Japanese learners, especially those of you who read lots of native material, like Japanese forums. Check it out here (it's free):
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Hey guys,

Since this is for developers, I'd like to make note of a package called Japaneasy I just published for node.js:

It is a Javascript wrapper for the wonderful WWWJDIC API ( My npm module is not a language learning app by itself, but I hope it will be useful for any Javascript developers who want a painless way to integrate the full power of the EDICT project into their javascript apps ^^

I'm using it in my own projects, but would love anybody else to test the integration and offer feedback. よろしくね :)
Rikaichan on Firefox for Android: Link
Here go my small contributions:
. Workload modelling for SM2 (aka Anki)
. Convert Japanese text to spaced hiragana
. Automatic audio extraction from NHK News Easy
umeboshi Wrote:
Popup Japanese Dictionary

Hi, I am one of the developers of
Popup Japanese Dictionary, a free new Android Japanese-English offline dictionary app. Its key feature is letting users look up words by copying text (e.g. from the Android browser, or any other app). The meaning of the copied word will be displayed in a small popup window that floats on the screen. This means that users no longer have to switch away from their current app, just to look up a Japanese word.

We think that the app will be helpful to Japanese learners, especially those of you who read lots of native material, like Japanese forums. Check it out here (it's free):
This is seriously awesome ! I was looking for something like this ! Thanks, man
I wrote a small keyboard-driven EDICT-based kanji lookup tool for Windows that lets you give whatever names you want to the radicals/components you're using. Not sure how useful this really would be to most people -- there are way more robust tools available, this one's just geared towards working with how I make my own kanji mnemonics.

(This needs the .NET framework installed. Probably 4.0?)
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I am currently working on Alternative to capture2text
Kanji Ryokucha

[Image: sst-back.png?rev=51efb1e7d5f1870afffe8d5...1994222a7d]

An Android client for Kanji Koohii-based reviews, where you can draw the kanji on the device and then reveal the answer.