English Learning Websites?

As many users on this site don't speak English as their first language, I thought this thread might be useful for others as well:
Lang-8 eibunpou Verb Conjugation topdocumentaryfilms
breakingnewsenglish english lessons betteratenglish goenglish/Idioms rondely/idioms asahipress/idioms manythings free-english-study
Youtube channel: KeihanEnglish gngdoan Jennifer bizpod LearnEnglish real EnglishMeeting sozoexchange bbclearningenglish duncaninchina Linguaspectrum learnexmumbai PrivateEnglishPortal ouliogroove ActionTeacher englishgroove AlcOnlineEnglish MyHawaiiWebMagazine mrthoth

Cranks: englishclub englishclub/verbs
podcastalley podcastsinenglish applepodcasts
momswhothink/verbs paulnoll/adverbs keepandshare/adjectives
3000 Most Common Words in American English The-Oxford-3000-words
idiomsite GoogleLessons
Pronounces words on screen from merriam webster.
Adds search for merriam webster's dictionary
This is SUPER COOL. Transcripts + Audio

caivano: BBC isketch
Harry Potter Podcast/episodes Harry Potter Podcast/transcripts

Zarxrax: simple.wikipedia
Youtube is a good one I think. They have lessons and endless amounts of practice.

But these websites should reflect the personality of your students. Is one majoring in zoology? Then recommend a website based on that. (But I don't teach English so I may be stating the obvious or something way off.)
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its obvious but is fun
Not much time, but (tell them to buy the book, as this PDF is pretty naff.)

Googlebooks (previews of kids books - same way we do it)

Various nameless manga distribution sites (the ones people use to read stuff in English, of course.) They all know certain manga quite well, so it's easy, yah.

Google (search terms: ESL lesson, etc.) (just a pdf from one of there courses, but pretty useful.)

http://rfptemplates.technologyevaluation...-list.html (ignore the advertising) (good list of adjectives) (adverbs list) (verbs list) (this is an absolutely awesome site for words) is good for grammar.

the owl purdue english lab is very useful if they are at a higher level.

Sorry, I would add more, but times up.
#6 (good place for higher levels) (list of podcasts by level) (of course)
Soooo cute! 204 videos in the play-list
Ayaka's Surprise English Lesson
This ESL podcast is a comedy style talk show done by two Canadian brothers living in Shanghai, China. Fun to listen to and a great way to improve English.