Common Japanese Collocations

(2018-02-07, 2:42 pm)yogert909 Wrote: I have been wondering about this book for a while.  How common are these collocations and how beneficial would it be to study them vs just reading the same amount of time?  Also, is this more beneficial for production?  or can it be helpful for understanding as well?

I took a look at some random collocations and they seemed pretty basic.  Like I don't know how else you would say it besides the way it's written.

I have personally found that studying cards like these for recognition has been more effective for me at vocabulary acquisition, as opposed to single word vocabulary cards or full sentence cards. They give you context without a bunch of useless junk along with them. This book itself doesn't have a huge amount of vocabulary (maybe 1000 nouns/verbs, I would guess), but I now create similar cards when mining from other materials.

A lot of the phrases in the book are quite basic, depending on your level, particularly if you are studying them as recognition cards. However, I do find a lot of benefit from doing production cards using cloze deletion. This can help to make your Japanese more natural sounding, in my opinion. The correct noun/verb pairings are not always obvious. In a lot of cases, I could probably make up a sentence that other people would understand, but it may not be natural or correct. By learning correct word pairings, your Japanese will become more natural sounding.