2017-04 2017-10
Listening   19      41
Vocabulary  40      49
Grammar     25      45
Reading     36      43
Total       120     178

First test: ~3 months of studying after 8-9 years away from Japanese
Second test: ~10 months studying

Overall happy with the progress I'm making considering other commitments I didn't have the first time around.
Recently, I managed to definitely leave behind a big stone I had in my life so, among other things, I've just taken the test for the first time. Here are my scores:
聴解 / Listening 48
語彙 / Vocabulary 48
文法 / Grammar 34
読解 / Reading 44
合計 / Total 174
So, it seems I'm somewhere between N3 and N2 (!!) even though I did nothing special since I passed N4 with a pretty plain score in (IIRC) 2013. Well, except, maybe, for watching the same fair amount of subtitled anime as ever, adding a few more kanji here in (I had already completed the 3030 kanji in RTK1+RTK3+supplement before the N4 exam, I'm at 3175 or so right now) and starting to use delvinglanguage recently, up to about 1000 words (my first seriously SRS'd ones, since I didn't even get close to the 500 mark when I had ankidroid installed with a Core deck loaded in my old phone)... though most of that vocabulary was already known to me, and I probably have a few more words on my belt (but surely not beyond 2000 anyway).

Needless to say, I'm pretty happy! It's a really nice topping to the good things that are going on in my life lately.

(I guess it's about time to start a faneca's study log and finally try to contribute some code to the wonderful platform Fabrice has kindly given us in open-source form -- but anytime I state something like this, my plans get crashed soon enough by something else, so only time will tell if I can keep up to my intentions ¬_¬; )
While waiting for my JLPT N3 results, I retook the J-CAT, which I first took this summer.

           2017-7  2017-12
Listening:    33        41
Vocab:        40        40
Grammar:      36        44
Reading:      40        39
Total:       149       164

My take is that I have a fighting chance of passing, but it certainly doesn't reduce my nervousness waiting until February. Is that in line with other N3 takers' experiences? At least I improved my J-CAT score Smile

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Took it for my third time a few days ago. Earlier in this thread I posted my first score. Then,  for my second score 6 months later, everything actually dropped, possibly just out of bad luck/was tired when I took it. This time, I got my highest score. 21 points up from my first time.

Listening - 69
Vocab - 63
Grammar - 82
Reading -52
Total - 266
The vocab questions give you very little time, to not only read the question but also read all of the answers, so there were a couple I actually figured out right answer to and even had selected but the time ran out before I hit submit

Listening saw the biggest improvement, of 25 points. I've done a lot of listening to podcasts (Hiiki Biiki, Sakura Tsuushin etc) and watching raw anime, which I think has been paying off.
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