Thanks for bringing this site to my attention! Smile I started my Japanese journey a little over two years ago, and got this;

Listening 62
Vocabulary 70
Grammar 52
Reading 53
Total 237
I've been studying Japanese for 2 years

Listening 71
Vocabulary 59
Grammar 44
Reading 59
合計 233

Ehhm... never studied grammar Tongue
Listening 84
Vocabulary 66
Grammar 75
Reading 44
合計 267

Meh :/ I thought I could get around 300 but as N1 is 250-300 I think tha 267 is a more realistic score.
However, I thought I was very good at reading: I read lots of books in Japanese and I felt this summer N1 reading part as "not that hard". Anyway it seems I had overstimated myself, 44 sucks D;
The reading part was very very easy, that's why I think I kept doing stupid errors and I kept doing easier and easier question.
That would explain that 44.
I did better in the listening part because I had to concentrate till the very end.
The voc part was tricky, I got 3 or 4 4kanji compounds question in a row and I was pretty astonished by the rarity of those. I knew just 2 of them but I think I couldn't figure out the right usage among the answers.
I hope that in 6 months I'll get 300....as In September 2011 I will have been studying Japanese from 3 years D;
Listening 62
Vocabulary 63
Grammar 55
Reading 49

Total 229

This is actually a lot higher than I thought I would get. I was planning to take N3 in December but according to this I'm well into the N2 range. Does anyone know how accurate the J-CAT/JLPT equivalence chart is? If this thing is right, then I might have to try N2.
ugh i can't register anymore, i was able to register half a year ago Confused
it says my internet speed is 0 kbps which is ofcourse absurd
does anyone else have this problem?
Listening 80
Vocabulary 67
Grammar 57
Reading 55
合計 259

I'm pretty happy with this after 2 years of studying, but since I'm working towards N1 in December, this way too ぎりぎり.
I'm currently focusing on grammar and reading, and this test showed me that I should continue to do so Smile
Listening 45
Vocabulary 50
Grammar 24
Reading 50
合計 169

A very bad result for someone who started study in 2006, but I'm not at all surprised since it confirms that my feelings of standing still for a long time. I have basically been preserving my current level without progressing very much over the years.
APU made me do this for the Japanese classes placement test today and now after 2 months got a total of 223

This is not a very accurate test,I think, because my grammar showed to be 54 (kinda high for me...) and vocabulary became significantly lower, so I dunno. This is just a test afterall.
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1,5 years has passed since I took J-CAT for the last time ( my score was 223)

I passed N2 with B scores in December 2011.

I haven't actively studied Japanese at all since the beginning of 2012 but have continued to live in Japan and still take subjects in Japanese.

Section Score

Listening 65
Vocabulary 62
Grammar 51
Reading 72
Total 250

So my score seems to have jumped by 27 points compared to when I came to Japan.
Seems like my interpretation of reading is the best.

I am not very satisfied with my score, but I think that is about my level and Indeed, I have not put very much effort into studying as you can see. At least it means that I have entered into the N1 zone.

I hope that by the time I take N1 in 1~1,5 years, my J-CAT score will be between 300/350.As of now, I think that I am not be able to pass N1 yet.

I think that it would take me 3-4 months of studying to pass N1. And maybe 6 months to pass it with high marks.

*( From now on, I should analyze grammar more, look up words more whenever I read something, and watch more videos and movies)
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It didn't let me take the test again.. Did you by chance use a different e-mail address the second time?
Listening 60
Vocabulary 57
Grammar 53
Reading 64
Total 234

Not bad for ~7 months of studying. Smile By which I mean three days to learn the kana, two weeks of studying grammar and 6 months of reading VNs, doing RTK in the first month.
Thanks for bringing this test to my attention. Having concrete scores to improve on gets me motivated for some reason :p.

Listening 44
Vocabulary 66
Grammar 47
Reading 47

Total 204

I guess my vocab's better since I've been drilling Core, better start working on the rest
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Wanted to see how far I've gotten after a year of studying and the results are in:

聴解 / Listening: 33
語彙 / Vocabulary: 45
文法 / Grammar: 23
読解 / Reading: 37
合計 / Total: 138

Did a little worse than I'd prefer. Wanted to at least hit the 150-200 range, but 138 isn't too bad at all so I'm content either way. Need to work more on my output for my second year of study though.

A few comments on the test:
-Personally, I thought it was difficult to memorise what people had said during the listening portion and what the answer options were, so I thought I'd fail abyssmaly, but I actually did alright on it.

-The vocabulary portion was tough mainly because you were on some questions given far too little time to read and think through the problem.

- On one question I was thrown off by the fact that they wrote 日曜日 as 日よう日. That's really weird and made it hard to parse the text the way I'm used to. But I was given plenty of time so it worked out alright anyway.
Thanks for unearthing this thread again! Signed up and the pw came in less than 3 hours so that was a plus Smile. I passed N1 in 2011 but according to these scores it doesn't look like I've actually improved all that much (or maybe since I didn't pass the N1 with flying colors I've finally gotten to a point where I would now deserve a passing mark on it more??). Pleasantly surprised with my listening score at least though Smile

Listening 91
Vocabulary 84
Grammar 77
Reading 63
Total 315
I would like to thank you guys for the suggestion and post my result

Listening 68
Vocabulary 65
Grammar 48
Reading 52
Total 233

Not too bad, the listening score pleases me, since I started working seriously on it last year's December (just after I took N5). Just put Japanese in my earphones and listened to it all the time I could.
I'm also ok with grammar, luckily IRL I won't need to answer grammar questions.
The reading part is pretty messed up and even the simplest texts has crazy answers that will make you fail the item.

I took the test to decide between taking N2 or jumping directly to N1 this December, maybe the latter is possible but I probably will not take the risk.
sunehiro Wrote:I took the test to decide between taking N2 or jumping directly to N1 this December, maybe the latter is possible but I probably will not take the risk.
You already took a too easy level once, why not live a little? My score last September was about the same as yours now, and I totally should have tried the N1 last December. But I had to make the decision in September so I ended up not taking the JLPT at all, figuring the N1 would be too hard but the N2 wouldn't be enough of a challenge...

Took the J-CAT again back in March but didn't want to necromance the thread:

Listening 70
Vocabulary 76
Grammar 55
Reading 75
Total 276

IIRC there were only 5 grammar questions?
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Vempele Wrote:
sunehiro Wrote:I took the test to decide between taking N2 or jumping directly to N1 this December, maybe the latter is possible but I probably will not take the risk.
You already took a too easy level once, why not live a little?
There's a simple reason: apparently N2 is sometimes required to study in some universities of Japan. I'm planning to go there next year, so I cannot wait until March 2016 in case I fail N1.

However I'm keeping on with the studies (actually One Piece reading and videogaming, with a bit of SRSing), and I'll send my application in September, so if by that time I'm consistently improved maybe I'll do it anyway.
I understand what sunehiro is meaning, I'm applying for a scholarship in two years time for a grad course and I don't want to go for N1 and then fail it where I could have achieved a pass in N2 which would of secured me a place in terms of Japanese ability.
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Listening 47
Vocabulary 47
Grammar 49
Reading 50
total 193

Decent considering I started "studying" less than a year ago and even then I don't really "study" so much as watch anime and play games. I also missed at least a few on listening due to my cat being too cute for me to pay attention and missing things (and I didn't see a button to replay the dialogue Sad)
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I have a huge problem with listening:

Listening: 9


I only started six months ago doing something else other than RTK but during the listening, I forgot what they had said at the start by the time the question came along.My listening is worse with men who happen to have deep voices but then again I have that problem in my mother tongue!
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I took this test the last time this thread showed up last September and got a 247. I passed the N1 in December. Since the thread came up again, I took it again to see if I had improved.

聴解 / Listening: 85 (74)
語彙 / Vocabulary : 79 (66)
文法 / Grammar: 73 (55)
読解 / Reading:77 (52)
合計 / Total: 314 (247)

I had forgotten how miserably boring and painful this test could be. There were quite a few questions that I just couldn't bring myself to even want to answer.

I thought I might actually get a lower score, but looking back I now remember hating it last time too.

So as a reminder to myself, don't take this test when you're not rested, certainly not after a longer day at work. It is longer than you remember, especially the listening which comes first.

Also, I swear the vocabulary was harder the first time even though that time I only got a 66.
Listening: 26
Vocabulary: 45
Grammar: 34
Reading: 31
Total: 136

As I suspected my weakest point is Listening. I guess I should practise it more. I started learning Japanese about a year ago, so I think the score is okay.
Listening: 71
Vocabulary: 76
Grammar: 58 (this is the section where the timer ran out on me a few times)
Reading: 79 (tough tough tough, going by sample N1 passages I've seen, half of these were harder)
Total: 284

This test was quite evil. I haven't taken JLPT yet (I want to take N1 this December), but if JLPT is as stressful as this, I might have to rethink my plans -- I'm not that much of a masochist. The individually timed questions were killing me, toward the end I felt like I was suffocating and couldn't even take a breath.

If someone who has taken both this and N1 could compare the subjective difficulty of these tests, I would really appreciate it.
Section Score
Listening 72 (Felt like I could have done a bit better. I got the flow of all the conversations easily and understood most of the sentences, just missed or forgot the key lines. But it's not like I can understand unsubbed anime or basic TV close to comprehensively. Overall I think the passages were relatively easy compared to native material, counteracted by the fact that everything only played once)
Vocabulary 72 (The "pick the kanji compound with the same reading" destroyed me. Other than that it was a pretty straightforward and accurate.)
Grammar 89 (I forget, this one felt really short. I might have guessed some right. It was some N1 stuff and then some context stuff you could pick up with enough reading. Eliminating options was helpful here.)
Reading 64 (There's those N1-like essays (easy to read and follow, weird to answer), and then they gleefully insert native-like articles/reports. This score was surprising since I've done a lot of reading in the past 6 months (though it's all VN's and novels). Should practice reading non-fiction and reading comprehension. I think with about 15 hours of practice I could get comfortable with the simple essays, though the articles/reports would take a few hundred hours of practice to get comfortable.)
Total 297
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