I just took it recently to get a baseline for when I finish major sections of the Memrise courses I'm taking. I'm checking with the Navy base near me to see if I'm still allowed to take the DLPT although that's likely a no (might be able to if I'm applying for interpreter positions via USAJOBS).
Listening 46 (-3)
Vocabulary 16 (-29)
Grammar 36 (-8)
Reading 47 (+9)
Total 145 (-31)

Huh, what happened there...

For what I was asking about earlier, the first vocab question had a video with sound effects, but the sound wasn't needed to answer the question.

And the thing with the "next" button is still there. When I press A/B/C/D, a "next" button appears, time keeps counting down, and it's still possible to change the answer. So I'm still wondering whether it's necessary to press the "next" button.
Been wondering for a while... how long does the test take? Also, what happens if your computer crashes? Because that happens every now and then on my mom's computer, so I think I may need my computer to be fixed by Sep 15 if I want to take the test as soon as I complete a year of study.
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(2016-08-22, 8:32 pm)FlameseeK Wrote: Been wondering for a while... how long does the test take? Also, what happens if your computer crashes? Because that happens every now and then on my mom's computer, so I think I may need my computer to be fixed by Sep 15 if I want to take the test as soon as I complete a year of study.

It took about 30-45 minutes I think. Less than an hour I'm sure. You will need a computer that has a good connection and doesn't crash. While my internet connection was good, there were times in my most recent test where I would ESC the test window (the test is full screen mode only) because I needed to not lose time and it would result in skipping questions. I didn't know it would skip the question until it was too late so I felt pretty bad about it. If possible, you can take it at a local public library which should have decent connection if repairing your computer is too difficult at the moment.
Section Score
Listening 46
Vocabulary 57
Grammar 40
Reading 39
Total 182

Surprised with the relatively high score of listening. However, the total score reflects where I thought I was. Room for improvement in grammar and reading, hope to better this the next time around Smile
Finally took the J-CAT.
I haven't taken it before, so I don't have any previous scores to go by.

セクション スコア
Listening 61
Vocabulary 61
Grammar 69
Reading 56
合計 247
(Wonder why the formatting broke on the last two lines; it's not like copy-paste works by means of magic smoke...)

Hmm... I'm surprised that grammar is my highest score, since I only started studying anything past Tae Kim's Guide around November of last year.

The 'best use of this word' questions always get me, since they never seem to be a word that I know really well... Even worse that the first one I got was only hiragana.

I thought I did worse on the listening section, considering the number of times I got dropped down to easier questions where the actors were reading their lines with a lot of exaggerations.

I kind of expected a low reading score, considering I've been doing poorly in that on my mock exams and last year's N1. I guess the fact that it's fairly close to the other scores means I've gotten better though... With this test, it's a super motivation hit when you go from normal looking text to mostly hiragana with spaces...
I've got to do something more about this reading score in the next three months...

Going by their score guide, I'm a little worried about my chances at the N1 this year, since this score is in the upper limit of the correlation with JLPT 2級 (I guess they haven't updated for the new test, but N2 is about the same as 2級). Since N1 covers a bit more than 1級 did, I wonder if I'll be able to improve enough to scrape by.
In any case, I need to work on all of those categories until then. I'll take this again in six months or whatever the intermission period was and see if I can't get closer to all 80s.

RE: How Long Does It Take?
Took me closer to an hour; I guess it all depends on how fast you do the reading problems (which have a much longer time limit: three minutes instead of thirty seconds); I'm thinking that the listening problems alone took 25-30 minutes.
Edited: 2016-08-31, 9:31 pm
Oh wow, I just took the test and got 217, which I'm really happy with, since it seems I'm around N2 level, which is what I intend to sit at the end of the year. So instead of me being afraid I would really have to study many hours each day to make the grade, I guess I can take things a bit easier than I thought. Still a lot of work to do til I can be sure of passing, but now I have hope!! ^_^
Re-took the test after 2 years. In these past two years, I haven't done any actual studying (only maybe about one month after the first time I took it, since I was preparing for JLPT, but I got promptly burned out -- luckily, I still passed that year). All I've been doing was reading/translating (manga and some ranobe), watching mostly dorama, but sometimes anime, but not too intensively or extensively. Oh, and I also did some writing practice on Lang-8.

The score changed as follows:

Listening: 71->74
Vocab: 76->73
Grammar: 58->82 (!!!)
Reading: 79->79
Total: 284->308 -- all thanks to grammar.

I have a feeling the score on reading could have been higher, but I carelessly let the timer run out while trying to rest my brain. I wonder if having an answer selected when the timer runs out counts as answer...

Anyway, the important question would be what exactly happened to improve my grammar score so drastically. Was it my limited Lang-8 practice, or studying for JLPT 2 years ago? The realistic answer is the latter. J-CAT grammar questions deal with obscure grammar points rarely seen or used, but they fit in perfectly with JLPT. This is the question I asked 2 years ago: http://forum.koohii.com/thread-11979.html -- and the help I received back then was key. Thank you again, erlog!
Unfortunately, none of the kanzen master decks are up on anki any more T_T, any chance someone could share theirs?

EDIT: Nevermind, I realised the other thread had mediafile links, my bad. Too early in the morning >.>
Edited: 2016-09-02, 5:03 pm
I'm in a similar situation as cmertb: retook the JCAT exam for the first time in two years, without having done any actual studying of new material in the meantime. I had sporadic bursts where I burned through my RtK and Anki backlogs. Most of my informal "studying" was listening to anime/seiyuu radio, with the occasional translations and watching anime or Japanese variety shows. I guess it shows in the results, as listening is the only category that had a double digit improvement.

Listening 65 (+13)
Vocabulary 64 (+5)
Grammar 46 (+1)
Reading 53 (-1)
Total 228 (+18)

I should be relieved that I haven't regressed in the past two years w. I've never taken JLPT before, but I always thought that I was between N2 and N1. This test is in line with my expectations.

As for the JCAT exam itself, the 30 second time limit for the vocabulary and grammar sections was often too short for me, and I wasn't even able to select an answer for a couple of the questions. Seems like I'm a slow reader w. For the listening section, I liked that it was not just about identifying what was being said in the conversations. To answer some of the questions, you had to infer it from what was being said. I generally understood the flow of the conversations, but was unable to answer some of the questions, as I couldn't remember what each choice represented. They only say what each letter is once, and the choices are not written, unlike for the other sections.  Also, outside of the test question, none of my listening questions had any pictures to go with them either. Was this the same for everyone else?
(2016-10-17, 9:03 pm)Copycatken Wrote: They only say what each letter is once, and the choices are not written, unlike for the other sections.  Also, outside of the test question, none of my listening questions had any pictures to go with them either. Was this the same for everyone else?

Both of these are inline with the higher levels of the JLPT, which this test is supposed to mirror somewhat. I didn't get any listening questions with pictures either, but I imagine that most of them are in the lower level question pools, so I'd take that as a good sign.
Thanks for the info sholum! Since I haven't taken JLPT before, I didn't know the audio portion was also done like this.
Just took the J-CAT.  I didn't post my score when I took it about a year ago (after I had just passed JLPT N1), but here are my scores, one year ago vs today:

聴解 / Listening 85 -> 88
語彙 / Vocabulary 45 -> 52
文法 / Grammar 71 -> 70
読解 / Reading 52 -> 69
合計 / Total 253 -> 279

Looking back at past responses to this thread, people here are really monsters at learning Japanese!  It's an inspiration to keep going!
I had no idea this test existed! I'll have to think about taking it. Maybe after I get my N1 scores <g>. Do I gather that after you take it once, you have to wait at least six months before taking it again?
(2017-01-10, 7:58 pm)tanaquil Wrote: I had no idea this test existed! I'll have to think about taking it. Maybe after I get my N1 scores <g>. Do I gather that after you take it once, you have to wait at least six months before taking it again?

Yes, unless you offer up a different e-mail and info for another go prior to waiting.
They probably change the question bank every 6 months, so if you cheat the entry system, you might get repeat questions and mess up the results.
I having been planning to live stream my next J-CAT when it opens up around February (took it in August). However, that could cause a problem, if what you suggest is correct, for other test takers if they know the initial two or three gauging questions in each section.

On page 2, there is a paragraph stating that taking the test more frequently isn't a good way to measure progress and state that you (though I'm assuming this is mainly for any schools that use this test) can request it be reopened earlier by contacting them.

Perhaps they make you wait because it's primarily intended as a test for students in classes, and allowing people to take it multiple times in a short period would be counter-productive to showing growth over the course term.

Or perhaps they limit access to gather better data themselves.
If it's neither of those, and there's no financial reason for them to limit access, then I have no idea.
Hmm, if schools can request it be re-opened earlier, maybe it's not quite as much of a problem as I thought. On the other hand, if it's not good because of repeated questions, and a school requests re-opening, then the school has been warned the result might not be so helpful, and J-Cat have the option of ignoring the second result for their research. If people see the questions elsewhere, or lie about their identification, this puts bad data into the system that J-Cat can't filter out.

The schools version has higher security requirements, so presumably has different questions.

Anyway, even for the individual test, they really don't want you to share the questions:
Quote:本テストの信頼性を確保するため、試験問題、音声ファイルは、他の人に教えたり、テストの目的以外の使い方はしないでください。 (In order to maintain the reliability of this test, please do not share any of the test items or audio files with anyone else, or use any of the test contents for any purpose other than to take the test.)
Edited: 2017-01-12, 5:55 am
I just took the JCAT again. I last took it in April 2016.

My scores:
Listening: 69 (+9)
Vocabulary: 45 (+2)
Grammar: 41 (+16)
Reading: 54 (+5)
Overall: 209 (+32)

Sooo overall I'm surprised how much I improved, considering how inconsistent I was with my studies :S I actually was a bit scared of the results, fearing I might not have improved at all. Especially for Listening and Reading I still feel like I'm probably just good at making educated guesses (getting the gist even if I don't understand many words) but I guess that's a good skill to have as well? :S I'm really glad I could improve my abysmal grammar score though, and that's probably really a result of my studies last year! It's still not great, but not that far behind the others any more. Yay Smile
Took the J-CAT again; compared to last September:

Section Score
Listening 58 (-3)
Vocabulary 64 (+3)
Grammar 69 (+0)
Reading 64 (+8)
Total 255 (+8)

Can't say I'm thrilled about this level of improvement over seven months (far from what I'd hoped), but I can't really complain about doing better. I'm quite surprised that my listen score went down (though not by much), considering that's the majority of what I've been doing recently. In contrast, the other thing I've been doing a lot of (reading) went up by a decent amount.

I half-guessed on my last reading question because I didn't notice that time was almost up; I clicked the answer, but didn't get to the 'Next' button in time, so I wonder if it actually submitted or not...

I definitely want to get all 80s in October! If I can do that, then I can definitely pass the N1!

Oh, and as for the question pool, it's definitely more limited than I thought. There were a few questions that I could have sworn I had last time (mostly in the listening section). I definitely wouldn't recommend skirting the six month waiting period.
so I took this two months ago

Listening: 54
Reading: 36
Grammar : 26
Vocab : 43
Total : 159

Reading I expected but my grammar is terrible. As its JLPT registartion time I am thinkig of submitting myslef for N3 (for the third time) I failed the last two times by 12 and 11 points. I got the shinzen master books for study and they are HARD!

Any advice for what I can focus on?
Luckily I never deleted the old report card from the time I last took the test from my download folder, so I was able to compare my scores. I took the test the second time after about 13 months.

Listening 53 > 56 (+3)
Vocabulary 44 > 68 (+24)
Grammar 34 > 57 (+23)
Reading 24 > 54 (+30)
Total 155 > 235 (+80)

The interpretation it gives is pretty accurate I think, I'm 235 so in JLPT lvl 2, and aside from my horrible listening I would've be able to pass that. I was able to get an almost perfect score on the non-listening part of an N3 practice test, and got a passing score on the non-listening part of an N2 practice test (I used the sample tests for the new JLPT from the official site). The listening is still impossible (though I might be able to pass while barely understanding since you only need to get 1/3 of the questions right).
This is the second time I take the test, I think I made some little overall progress (I was around 240-250 if I remember well). I post here so that next time I'll have a reference.

聴解 / Listening - 62
語彙 / Vocabulary - 68
文法 / Grammar - 74
読解 / Reading - 64
合計 / Total - 268

According to their chart I am pre-advanced, that means that I am more or less at the level of old 1 kyuu. For the reference I passed N1 with a low average grade (but at the same time I came a bit in tourist mode so ... yeah). I plan to take it again next time I go to Japan because in my country its twice the price I would pay in Japan.

Grammar is my forte and that is not so surprising since I am a bit of a grammar freak. Still it is a bit disappointing.
For the rest, I am pretty average. And I am really surprised by that averageness, I thought their was a gap between my listening and the rest but not so much.

My listening comprehension is just crappy, I should really find a way to improve it but I often feel lost in technical conversations, the same is true if there is a lot to remember. Reading is timed and I am very average when it comes to extract the gist of wall of text when timed.

Let's try to do better next time.

@sholum: I also has the impression I got some reading questions I also got the previous time.
Edited: 2017-05-01, 10:06 am
聴解 / Listening: 62
語彙 / Vocabulary: 59
文法 / Grammar: 49
読解 / Reading: 53
合計 / Total: 223

That puts me in Intermediate-high/old JLPT-2 which is cool because I'm doing JLPT N2 in two months Smile
Listening and reading are OK because I mostly do passive entertainment things like watch tv-shows, movies, dramas and play games like persona5,4,3 and the yakuza games.

My action plan based on this:
1) Be humble lol, I was expecting a lot more points since I've been studying japanese on and off for a looong time (of course my french studies might be affecting my J-skills a bit now, exuses)
2) Having a look at erlogs JLPT Grammar Domination deck. I havent done any grammar studying at all previously. Might need some videos or something fun to begin with Smile
3) Continuing to do Vocab in the JLPT N2 deck on ankiweb
4) I have a bunch of comedian ameblo.jp blog bookmarks in my browser, guess I should put them in my phone since I do almost all my studying in my phone now.. so maybe I actually read them instead of feeling good that I have bookmarked things to read _someday_. Or is twitter the new-fangled thing the kids are using these days? hmm
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