The author of the website KANJIDAMAGE ( famous for his learning japanese vocabulary and especially On- and Kun-Yomi of Kanjis through pre-made donkey bridges (have a look), designed an e-book of his whole website to be downloaded here: (33mb|PDF)

Just wanted to mention that something like that does indeed exist as i could not find any recent topic about this book, which i find really useful and handy for those not having a PDA or cellphone capable of SRS software such as - our beloved - Anki.

Hey, that's interesting... Thanks for the link! Going to check it out properly now.
@pembles: It seems the version is more a batch of every kanji used in kanjidamage and less printerfriendly.. I would appreciate if anybody - familiar with PDF files and stuff like this - could put it into a better shape.. I mean, 1000 pages print out costs a lot and if i'm gonna do it, i would like to have something more well looking Smile
Since the author stopped updating it (see his post in the kanjidamage forums), i also would like to ask for proofreading (native speaker willl discover them probably faster, but every help is welcome, thank you!) and posting them here; maybe even compiling an inofficial version Tongue
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I'll see what I can do, but what would you like: 10, 20, 50, 100... kanji per page?
Also, there should be an option on your printer to print multiple pages on one page.
But the best is having someone in a company using their printer for you (my sis does it -- while I'm saving for an epad).
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Eratik, did you have a look into this? I mean, i doubt i can read 50 Kanjis per page (what a small font?!) - barely readable i suppose.. Try your best to reduce the number of pages ("printerfriendly"). If you need some nice looking first page, feel free to use this one here:
(the first page nee)
I'm currently trying to create a new 2 column pdf. If you print recto verso, that will amount to 250 pages (more handy).
I'll let you know how it goes.
Well, i actually wanted to do the same thing to another ebook i purchased in order to be print it out naturally.. How to do that, Eratik, i have the newest Adobe PDF Acrobat (9.0 Pro or so..). Optimal would be the best compression, so as much as possible, horizontal format, scaled into (so that one can read something v.v)? Thanks for any アドバイス Big Grin
So I've been struggling quite a lot, since my laptop sucks: I tried to edit the original pdf in ooo draw (because there is so much blank on the pages it's criminal), and then to neatly put it in a two-colomns text format, but there's no way draw would recognize any of the kanji, so I lamely ended up creating a new pdf with 2 pages of the old on each page, which is better than nothing I guess.

You can do that with pdfcreator. Just print any document with pdfcreator, then custom multipage it after switching the setting from portrait to landscape.

As for the reduced kanjidamage, it's just finished, so it should be available on British Telecom in a few minutes.
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So, could you possibly post a link where to download it, eratik? Smile
Tori-kun Wrote:@pembles: It seems the version is more a batch of every kanji used in kanjidamage and less printerfriendly.. I would appreciate if anybody - familiar with PDF files and stuff like this - could put it into a better shape.. I mean, 1000 pages print out
If you're printing large documents like that, it might be better (and maybe cheaper) to use a printing service - you can upload the pdf, and have them print it A5, double-sided and spiral bound.
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B r IT T elec O RENT (ignore the small letters)
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@fugu: Yeah, i was thinking about this as well, but.. i asked ahead in copyshops in my town here (village) and 100 pages print out cost 5€ (which is in my opinion still a lot, when you want to print out something like the Kanjidamage book.. 500 pages, i.e. 25€!)
Any other companies you could suggsest/know?
Hey, I'm the one that made the e-book. I made a script to go through every kanji page on the KD website and save it to a single HTML file which I then converted to a pdf using Adobe Acrobat. So yes, it's basically a batch of all the kanji pages on KD. I made some tweaks to the html source code, the CSS stylesheet and the images so the pdf would look as good as possible. I appreciate if someone is willing to improve it, and make it look like an actual e-book. I could upload the .html file which I used to create the pdf from, it'll be much easier than fiddling with my pdf version (I think).

And just for the information, printing 1063 pages (black and white, two-sided) cost me a little less than 40€ (with student discount). Tongue Usually, the more pages you have to print, the less you pay for a page. The shop I went to had 0,120€/paper for 76-100 pages and 0,036€/paper for 1001-2000 pages.

Updated 9th November, 2010.

By the way, I had problems with the fonts when using the English version of Adobe Acrobat, so I went to the Adobe website and downloaded the Japanese version (or something like that - I forgot). It worked flawlessly after that.

This was what I did to fix the fonts:

Creating the pdf with Adobe Acrobat will make it around 10MB (not sure about two columns); I edited the pdf with Foxit PDF Editor, that's why it's 33MB.

Also note, when I gave the pdf to the print shop, they decreased the overall size of the pages so there would be room on the side for spiral binding. I completely forgot about that, so good for me that the shop remembered. There's an option to do that in Adobe Acrobat as well.
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You were right, now Writer recognizes them! Yipee!! The two-column look is promising. A slight drawback is the "used in" section is transferred with the kanji listed each on a new line, so I have to edit that by hand. If the result looks fine, I'll upload it. It should be ready by tomorrow.

EDIT: er... big whoop... the document you uploaded only go up to number 1760. Is that normal? Or is it just my firefox or something?
Awaiting new instructions.
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There are 1760 kanji up on KanjiDamage, so that's normal. My 33MB pdf e-book also has 1760 kanji. As for the "used in" section, I think I know what the problem is. You don't have to fix anything by hand, I'll upload a fixed .html that should take care of that. It'll be up in a couple of hours.
Gorgeous (I like when people do all the work). HTMLの神、ごめんなさいフルスキングウthat much.
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Here it is:

It fixes it for OOO and Word, but if someone else wants to create the pdf using Adobe Acrobat, use the one in kanjidicks.rar, not this one.

Updated 9th November, 2010.
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I'm sorry to bother you, but the document is currently unvailable, but don't worry, I'll start by hand. The effort is welcome!
Megaupload always does that with new files. It'll work in a little while. I'm guessing they check the files for viruses/illegal content or something.

Instead of doing it by hand, open the html file in a text editor and replace "<li><a" with "<a" and "a></li>" with "a>". It will replace around 3000 instances of each. Save the file and open it with OOO. Voilà.
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*push* Will there be a printer friendly edition of the KANJIDAMAGE book as pdf or.. is there no interest in one/forgot to compile one? (@Eratik?)
Would be really grateful if some skilled guy'd compile one for open use and purpose, thanks folks \o/
Ah yeah, I forgot to update:
so the fix worked, but it bucked up the stars, so I need to use the first document and then replace all the "used in" sections with the fix manually, and I've started giving private lessons, so I hadn't really had the time, and anyway, even if neater, Writer supresses half of the colours that made kanjidamage so special, so I thought a little delay until around Xmas (when I have hols) would be acceptable, since the excellent first pdf is still available on megaUL and so is my lazy upgrade that I consider not that bad somehow. Now you know.
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Thanks for the fast reply! Keep it up and have fun giving lessons \o
Old pdf e-book:

HTML file updated with the latest errors (May 1st. 2012):

Printable double-sided Kanjidamage flashcards:
With kanji meanings on the front side:

With kanji meanings on the back side:
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