Nukemarine's Suggested Guide for Beginners

anotherjohn Wrote:Also, when working through a large deck like this it pays to suspend all the cards and pick out the easiest ones to learn first.
Or, just suspend the difficult ones as you encounter them. Unsuspend them a few months later and chances are good they'll be easier to remember.
Does anyone have Nukemarine's Core 2k/6k deck to share? It's not in shared decks on ankiweb and I'd like to start it as I'm gonna finish RTK in following 3 days, Weeeeee!!
You should be able to import the spreadsheet from the NM's first post into Anki.
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Should I use vix86's guide for importing it? It seems it's made for merging older decks with the new one's and I'm making a new deck. I've never done a thing like that before and it looked like being very complicated tbh.
Should I pick iKnow core or Optimized Core2k/6k bits from the bottom of the first post?
I downloaded Core 2k_6k Optimized Japanese Vocabulary deck. What should be the correct sorting for this deck as I think that's the right deck that Nukemarine is referring to in this thread OP.
I can sort it with Optimized-Voc-Index which is different than the order in Optimized Kore's low in OP.
If there's a field called new-opt-voc-index, sort by that, otherwise sort by Optimized-Voc-Index. - That is, if you are making vocabulary cards. If you are making sentence cards, sort by Optimized-Sent-Index. Here is a description that explains the sorting. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the fields are sorted as follows:

Optimized-Sent-Index: Each subsequent sentence has the minimum number of unknown words in it, usually <one(n+1).
Optimized-Voc-Index: Sorted by the difficulty of the most difficult kanji in the word. Kana words are evenly distributed.
Hey desu anyone have fully working 6k or 10k even optimised deck with all images and sounds working perfectly as it should?
I have a few cards here and there mainly on 2nd step of 2k which lack images or one sound file.
I downloaded two decks of the type, only I could find and they both have the same problem. Files from this thread don't really match with my decks files it should use.
I imported the spreadsheet and images from links in the thread and the sound files work. I can't speak to the images, because I'm not using them in my layout.
I'm confused and I'm hoping someone can help me.

My [incomplete] understanding of the が and を particles is that intransitive verbs are used with the former and transitive verbs are used with the latter.
Examples from Core2k:
やっと熱下がった。 (vi)
少し音量下げてください。 (vt)

"Okay, makes sense." Especially since verb types aren't specified in the deck I figured that would be an easy way to remember the right verb to use. But later in the Core2k deck I came across 回す and 回る. Here are the example sentences with those:

月は地球のまわり回っています。 (vi)
ねじは左に回すと外れます。 (vt)

I think I understand the latter, but the former is just confusing to me if it's not a mistake.
こんにちわ Nukemarine さん... Beginner here.. Smile
I searched for Anki decks given on this page :
Anki Shared Deck Names
Remembering the Kana
RTK 1 and 3 w/ Kanji Definition and Yomi
Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese Grammar (Clozed Delete)
Core 2k/6k Optimized Japanese Vocabulary

However, i could only found the Core 2k/6k.
I looked at the as well and googled it.

Are they no more available or something else is recommended ?
Please, for the love of god, someone upload that Kore 2k/6k deck as a normal anki deck application (.apkg).
I've nearly finished Core 2k sorted with Optimized-Sent-Index and want to go on with 6k.
Should I transfer the cards from the newest version of Core and sort the rest 4k cards with Nukikame-Core6k-Optimized-Voc-Index or stick to my older version of the deck and use it sorted with Optimized-Sent-Index ?

I'm doing vocab learning with sentences.
(2015-10-14, 9:19 am)Gutsz Wrote: Please, for the love of god, someone upload that Kore 2k/6k deck as a normal anki deck application (.apkg).

I uploaded a RAR'd copy of the Core2K deck in APKG format here, if that's what you're looking for.
Just wanted to say thanks for this resource. After 5 years, I decided to come back to Japanese and I've found Memrise to be very user friendly compared to Anki. I went through the hira/katakana and now I'm deciding if I want to do the Kanji stuff or just jump into the grammar/vocab.

As a side note, I was a little prick 5 years ago.
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For anyone interested, this is my optimized core 2k/6k recognition format. Cards formatting below:

Front Template:
<span style="font-size: 60px; color: #ff6ea0">{{Vocabulary-Kanji}}</span> <br><br>
<span style="font-size: 32px; color: #79fc86"><span style =span style=’font-family: MS ゴシック;><div class='jpsentence nofurigana'>{{furigana:Expression}}</span></span ><br>

.card {
font-family: meiryo;
font-size: 20px;
text-align: center;
color: black;
background-color: white;

.card1 { background-color: #40404f; }

Back Template:

<hr id=answer>

{{Vocabulary-Audio}}<span style="font-size: 42px; color: #ff6ea0">{{furigana:Vocabulary-Furigana}}</span><br><br>

<span style="color: #f1c384">{{Vocabulary-English}}<span style="font-size: 15px; color: #c384f1"> &nbsp;({{Vocabulary-Pos}})</span></span><br><br>
<span style="color: #79fc86"><span style =span style=’font-family: MS ゴシック;>{{furigana:Reading}}</span><br><span style =font-size: 15px; >{{Sentence-English}}</span></span><br>
{{Sentence-Audio}}<span style = "font-size: 15px; color: #00f29c">☆<b>Optimized Vocab Index:</b> {{Optimized-Voc-Index}}☆</span><br>
{{Sentence-Audio}} -- <span style = "font-size: 10px">{{Notes}}</span> --