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My contribution is Wrightak's Rikaichan mod. Imagine Rikaichan, but you can add to your Anki deck when you mouse-over a word. Awesome!

How to use it
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My SRS randomly selects one of three fonts in which to display the character:

[Image: font.png]

They are micho, gothic and aoyagikouzan.
Onafarm, how do you set that up?
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Nukemarine Wrote:Onafarm, how do you set that up?
Must be that 'Randomize display properties' shared plugin.
It's not anki, I wrote the SRS application myself.
onafarm Wrote:It's not anki, I wrote the SRS application myself.
Hissss.... outsider! It's an outsider... *whisper whisper*
There is a big list of resources here. Handbooks, pronunciation, grammar, audiobooks, dicitionaries and so on.
I'm a beginner, but I compiled an Amazon listmania list of popular/recommended and well-reviewed resources:

Hope it is useful to some of you!
Learn Japanese at NihongoUp
nihongoup forum
nihongoup newsletter
nihongoup blog

Japanese colours cheat sheet
Japanese body parts cheat sheet
Katakana and hiragana cheat sheet

mkgelgota Wrote:Not sure if anyone has this problem, but I often find that digitally printed Kanji or those on signage look a great deal different from those written by hand using a pen rather than a brush. I want to practice writing accurately and I have found that certain stroke details that would be apparent when writing with a brush are either accentuated or ignored for the purpose of clarity in penned messages. Is anyone aware of a resource with images of handwritten kanji? Thanks!
Japanese fonts
JLPT study materials (reading, grammar usage, listening, vocab, kanji, etc) for all levels
Nice resources, I'm creating a list of useful links, thanks to this I can add it to it.
Big List of Free Japanese Resources (Learning Japanese w/ Free & Cheap Materials: Study Guide & Big List):

I just compiled a huge list/guide with links to mostly free resources (see above). (You could say I'm on a beginner's "high" and having too much fun reading through various resources. I need to stop reading and start studying more!) Many of them have already been mentioned here, others have not. Figured a different format might be easier to search and read through, but some of it is definitely redundant.
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TuneIn has a variety of radio stations from all over (including a handful from Japan).
The iOS version of Anki is currently on sale.
Ajinomoto has a Youtube channel for recipes.

The recipes and short and since the videos are in Japanese, they
are good for studying cooking terminology.

Main channel:

Playlists (NOTE: these videos are not listed under Uploads section, you have to click on Playlists):

【おすすめ定番メニュー:レシピ大百科】 (Standard Japanese dishes) … 09C9A40C2B

【料理の基本】 (Basics of Cooking) <-- You probably want to see these … F1D0CBBAF1

【肉のおかず: レシピ大百科】- Meat side dishes … 85C4A052A9

【魚のおかず:レシピ大百科】Fish side dishes … E84C8F9A4B

【野菜のおかず:レシピ大百科】Vegetable side dishes … 051CEC084F

【ごはん・めん類:レシピ大百科】Rice and noodles … 3AB67B719E

【汁もの・スープ:レシピ大百科】Soups … B4490C602A

【鍋:レシピ大百科】One-pot dishes … 3C2473884D

In the "Basics of Cooking" playlist, they even have knife skill (切り方) videos .
Thanks for this message about Ajinomoto - great recipes !

My essential resources are :-
Jim Breen's page

For JLPT learning

For listening

For speaking
( a biased with that last one !)
My resources are here:

i'm sure it'll grow, there's still more i need to add.
Hi, can you review this new online dictionary?
Hey guys I uploaded a video about how to turn your Anki decks into multiple choice quizzes using Teach2000. I know most don't really care for multiple choice but for the ones that do check it out!

Oh wow, that Ajinomoto Youtube account was a great idea. Thanks for sharing!
It really helps improve your Japanese listening skills as well as Japanese cooking skills Big Grin
I use ZKanji. It has compounds, animated stroke order, readings, JLPT/Jouyou levels, kanji search with a lot of options including all of the above plus SKIP and English meaning, and much more that I don't even know. If you're not yet at the level where you can use a native Japanese dictionary, I can't think of a better free Japanese dictionary with an English interface.
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Guys... guys... guys, GUYS, GUYS!!!

“… one does not accumulate but eliminates. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity. It is the half-way cultivation that runs to ornamentation.” - Bruce Lee

Kanji Dark: Optimally Sorted Kanji Deck

"I have created an Anki deck to learn the kanji, ideally using a Heisig-like technique (testing by going from meaningful keyword cue→kanji target, encoding with subcomponent-based mnemonics to aid bottom-up visualization of the kanji, sort of like using captions to visualize a picture), but in the most optimal* order and without requiring Heisig-specific frame numbers or primitives or keyword, etc., though use them if you like (see the deck instructions). Especially, mnemonics from online communities are still useful." - darkjapanese

ja・ミニマル resources shared at AnkiWeb


+subsequent links and tags and so forth

jalup and ajatt are also viable sources for inspiration and advice


Anthony Lauder on language learning

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It is my site (if that is allowed mods?) but it may be of use to people here.

is my attempt to review the mountain of textbooks I have acquired over the last 10 years or so.
Choko choko library
They have about 10 reading passages for each JLPT level
I found their vocab maybe not so JLPT relevant BUT still might have use somewhere in life Blush

Intermediate reader in technical and scientific Japanese
I thought this was cool.
Be warned - it's not exactly light reading material but I found it to be excellent practice.
They give you a science based reading passage followed by explanations, important kanji, and vocab.

JLPT dictionary
exactly what it sounds like.
i use it for grammar especially, since you can sort by JLPT level.
it gives you explanations right on the results page so its good for quick look-ups

mainichi kanji
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