How to share a multimedia Anki deck online?

I downloaded an Anki deck with sound the other day, so (unless I'm crazy) I know it is possible, but I don't get how do you share the media files while sharing an Anki deck online through Anki's official online version. I know I can synchronize a deck from my hard disk and then share it online, but don't know what to do so that people who download the deck can also download the media files at the same time.

Am I missing something?

I would really appreciate your help.
Ok, I'll make a little guide here then.

Step 1.
Download and install DropBox.

Step 2.
Put your anki deck and media into the "Public" folder in your dropbox.
[Image: screenyjf.png]

Step 3.
Right click on *file* in your public folder, and click Dropbox->Copy Public Link
[Image: screenshot3x.png]

Step 4.
Now open up anki, go to Tools->Deck Properties, select a model and press edit.
[Image: screenyo.png]

Step 5.
Now in the text box that says Media URL, paste the url you copied. Mine was:
You'll need to change this a bit to make it work. Change your URL so that it points to your .media folder instead, like so:
Press close.

You'll need to repeat this step for all your models.

Step 6.
Sync your deck and log into anki online. You should be able to see your media while reviewing online.
[Image: screenyb.png]

If you have just installed dropbox you may have to wait a little while, while dropbox uploads your media.

Video media doesn't work at the moment.

I added this to the wiki,
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