Post Your Recent Milestone Achievement Here

Ok, we have a quite few milestone threads: Finish 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or all of RTK, RTK 3, RTK 2, Kanji Odyssey, etc. This thread is more for those things you think are good milestones but maybe feel a bit shy of making a thread about to tell the world. Let it be something, anything to say "I am at a new level" or "I accomplished something".

Remember, little victories are key when the goal is something far off in the horizon or beyond.


Today for me - finished 100 pages of Harry Potter Book 1 (1/4 of the way there). Took about 8 hours total.
Nice one. Did that 8 hours include looking up stuff and adding to anki, or just reading straight and skipping stuff you don't know or fully understand?
Just reading for fun. I haven't read HP in about 10 years, so it's a new experience in Japanese wrapped in a comfortable blanket of prior knowledge.
Nice one. I read Harry Potter over the course of a week or two, reading along with the audiobook at a pace of a chapter every evening. It was really enjoyable! I plan to go back at a later point and mine it for stuff, and then go back a few months after that and read through the whole thing by myself.

As for my accomplishment- I've kicked my studies up a notch due to being on holidays and have been doing 20 kanji/day (~60 sentences) from KO2001 (despite numerous interferences from real life!) so that I can finish the first book in around 2 weeks from now.
My next milestone: 1500 major RTK kanji in Anki.
I went an entire hour (I can round up 31 minutes to an hour, right?) without eating icecream.

...wait, this topic is for language accomplishments huh? Darnit Tongue

I finished both Ulysses and War and Peace this week, and I still have 20/20 eyesight afterwards, if that counts for anything.
I am approaching the half way mark now, i have up'd the pace to around 100 kanji a day. Only possible now im on a break from uni. Still hard work though. As for war and peace... i don't think i will ever finish my copy lol... I would love to finish my copy of the odyssey but if its not in Japanese then it will have to wait...
The Oddysey took me forever since I wasn't proficient enough at English, but I read the Aeneid a few years later and was able to breeze through it. Yay for time Tongue

I am not really a fan of the translations of works we have in Japan. Very different experience than reading it in English/original source language.
Aijin Wrote:I finished both Ulysses and War and Peace this week
It's a waste of time to read War and Peace in English. It is a lot better if you read it in its original language, Russian.
Pssh, the original is like 50% French Tongue

Hmm, maybe we should stop de-railing the thread offtopic. *walks away stealthily*
Great books should be read in their original languages.
lol oops... maybe i will have a crack at it then once i finish in the miso soupTongue which is easily half a days read but i am monumentally lazy Tongue *also walks away stealthily* srry Nukemarine ^^
Nukemarine Wrote:Post Your Recent Milestone Achievement Here
1. I added 1423 words to my vocabulary in the last two weeks.

2. I finished translating a movie from Japanese into one of the languages I speak. It took me more than three years!
Just to play around, I downloaded JLPT1 from 2000 and checked the first 2-3 questions. I was blown away with how well I did, I actually think I could pass it if I took it right now. Of course, JLPT has gotten harder, so I would probably not pass this years JLPT1 right now, but since I have almost 6 more months to go, I think I have very good chances.
Um I just finished RTK last weekend.. then this morning I looked at my combustibles garbage bin with the weird kanji ( 可燃ごみ ) and realized that it just means "Can Burn Garbage"-- oh and my Non-combustible Garbage ( 不燃ごみ )?? Negative Burn Garbage...

I subsequently went to the closest wall and hit my head on it multiple times for the complete ridiculous simplicity of it all. Here I thought it was all some complex verbiage.

That's my milestone.
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I don't know if I've done it yet, but I think I hit 2,000 sentences. I'm not sure though, I only let myself check how many sentences I have on Fridays.
Great thread, and great milestones everyone!
Haha, especially like yours R3dragon! Big Grin

Anyway, I just hit 1100 in RTK vol. 1 =) It feels good to count down in 3 digits instead of 4!
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I honestly can't think of any milestones, but i see that as a good thing. This method we here implement lends itself to steady progress, not bursts.

If i try to think of how much Japanese i know / understand i always end up depressing myself..

"is that all i know ! oh my god." *emo-fit... runs straight for the chocolate biscuits" but you do actually know more than you realise.
Just watching a tv show, while flipping through a book when you hear someone say something.. and you look up at the screen not because it was a strange noise or anything, but because you understood it perfectly and you look to find out what exactly caused the character to utter such a thing.

Thats the stage i'm at, where im starting to hear stuff all the time and understand it (mostly basic conversational stuff.. nothing fancy) but it makes you feel good.

also.. does continually hitting 92% correct on anki count as a milestone? Tongue anki makes me feel goooood Smile well.. sometimes
I started KO2001. Big enough milestone for me =p
I dunno if it's a milestone or not, but I am on my second round of RTK finished it several months ago, and then life creeped up on me ^^

I have everything back to normal now, including my study schedule so i started rtk again from scratch, it won't take me long to get them all back to where they were, plus i'd rather do a once over of the book anyways, may as well do that while also getting my SRS back on track at a decent but manageable pace.

I hit the 1/3 mark of my second runthrough ( 680ish ) today in just over a week, not quite 100/day but close enough with how quickly I am able to blow through my daily reviews.
-finished ko2001 book 1
-got 2000+sentences
-Improved Immersion environment in a huge way
moving from 東京to宮城県(miyagi-ken...verrry country side) this sunday.
It was a request I made a long time ago for engineering experience and japanese
language improvement, my new design group speaks not a word of english Smile
Nii87 Wrote:I started KO2001. Big enough milestone for me =p

I started Kanji in context woo hi5 Big Grin
I just finish the 130 Kanji lesson (Lesson 23). It has always felt like once I got past that it would all be downhill from there, so it's at least a big deal for me.
Yeah 100 pages in 8 hours is definitely something to be proud of!

The only thing I can think of is recently when I flipped through all the literature books I have of 三島由紀夫 and 安部公房, I could actually go on for paragraphs understanding things (a few months before I would hit a wall within a paragraph). This is probably because I've been reading more literature/essay parallel texts lately.
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100 pages in 8 hours is faster than I'm going. I'm doing about 10 pages an hour and I'm on page 220 so I'm 20+ hours in.

I go on and off though- I may read 100 pages in a week and then nothing for a week, 50 pages in a day, then nothing for a while. I started the first book over a month ago. (finding book 1 and 2 for 100 yen each at Book Off was definitely a major achievement)

If there is anything consistent about me, it's my inconsistency, which is why it's taking me so long to get better at Japanese.

My most recent milestone is that I was able to carry on 2 hours of Japanese conversation last week without any English. I was pretty happy. I also haven't thrown myself of my school yet out of sheer boredom and depression- that's pretty good too.
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