Kanji In Context sentences project

This link contains the KIC deck created by some RevTK members years ago:

You need the Kanji in Context books and workbooks to get the most out these decks, and to verify the content for typos and/or other errors.
Is it the full deck? I have both the book & the iPhone app (iKIC)
I know I'm very late to the party here but can I please have access to the sentence list?

I bought the KIC books but I think having the list so I can put it into Anki would be very helpful.

If anyone can help please send me a pm.
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Hi folks. OP here. Yes I still maintain the project, but no, I don't follow these forums anymore. Anyway I just wanted to make a quick post to ask people to please make sure that any emails sent to me via the forums contain a valid return email address in the body of the message.

It's increasingly common for me to receive project access requests but the return email (the one in your forums settings) is not valid (fake, temporary, etc.). It's great that you're trying to protect your privacy, but sucks that I can't email you back and give you access Sad

If you've sent me email, and I haven't replied, this is the reason -- I can't reach you back. If this happens, please try contacting me again and include a valid email address.

Also, for anyone wondering, out of all of the project access requests, I have yet to receive a single falsified proof of book ownership. This isn't a challenge -- I'm just proud of how honest everyone is. It should serve as a good example to publishers that if you produce good work, it attracts loyal, trustworthy, and dedicated clientele. These are the exact same people who are the most appreciative of perks like digital versions of the published work (ebooks, data sets, etc.), and who will buy more of your stuff because of it.

Keep studying!
Is it possible to get access to the results of the project?
I have the paper books.

I e-mailed potempkin some time ago, but he never replied.

Could someone please invite me instead of him?
Hi - I realize I'm also pretty late to join the party, but only discovered this site recently. I started KIC a couple of weeks ago and finding it takes ages to input the sentences into Anki. Would anyone be able to share the link to the sentences spreadsheet with me please? I can provide email address and photos of the books as proof of purchase... Thank you.
Just FYI: Sent some comparable resources to lehtym & kappuccino11.
I am currently doing KIC. Does anyone still have access to the spreadsheet?

I know I am very late. I started learning kanji using kanji in Context book. If any one have any references for Anki cardsand any useful resources related to this, kindly email me.

Shyam Kumar Kasha.

I started learning kanji with the book. can someone send me the deck?
I can send a proof that i own the book if needed.

Thanks in advance.

I just started with this project a week ago (got all 3 books, finally), and I'm starting to realize how time-consuming this is when using the reference book. 

Could someone please send me the sentences/a deck/...? 

Thanks in advance!