Kanji In Context sentences project

erlog, are you still enthusiastic about KIC? How is it turning out?
Hey all

I apologize for the stall that the Kanji In Context sentences project has been in recently. After a hiatus, I'm getting ready to jump back into studying on a fixed schedule. This means that I'll also be trying my best to pull this project back onto a reasonably frequent update schedule.

Right now we've got an impressive 13 people working on this project, which is 13 more than I had originally anticipated this project would garner. Kudos to everyone who has worked their ass off typing, scanning, proofreading, and editing. This project wouldn't be where it is without you! Thank you!!

What I am calling for now is people to volunteer to pick up blocks of chapters. If others think it is a good idea, I suggest that people reserve them in 2-chapter blocks.

Equally important is for the currently entered sentences to be proofread. Proofreading can be done by anyone regardless of their kanji, vocabulary, or grammar ability. It is an excellent way for those who feel they "have little to offer" because they are just starting the book. Proofreading is vital — this project will be moot if it is not accurate.

I know that everyone has busy lives outside of this project, but if you have the time and energy to add a few chapters, the whole team would be extremely grateful.

Many thanks!
I've been going through and proof-reading sentences as I can. So far I have corrected what errors I came across and even added a few sentences that were accidentally skipped. Overall though - great job Potempkin!

*note: I am also changing some formatting such as the
conversation style. The reason for this is the problems it generates when copying portions of the spreadsheet into another that is used to import multiple sentences as I add them (the B sentence began a new cell and threw off the entire spreadsheet. May also generate problems directly importing into anki). If you do not want this change to be made any more, just let me know and I will undo the previous changes.

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Not sure exactly what the status of this project is, but I just bought the KIC books. Can someone who can grant access to the spreadsheet let me know, and I'll email them proof of ownership? I tried Tzadeck but never got a reply. Of course I'll help add sentences as well (although it will probably be a couple of weeks before I actually begin using the books).
I'm interested in helping out with this if it's still going. I'll get you a photo of the my books when I get back.
Hi guys (and girls) - the current status of the project is complete through chapter 70 of book 1 and chapters 95-98 of book 2.

I am currently adding sentences at a rate of 2 chapters per day (in sequence) - would like to have the project complete by the end of december if we can! :-D

For the newcomers - the one to contact about joining the project would be Potempkin. Happy text entering / SRSing!
I am pleased to announce that Book 1 is now "complete" - all sentences entered and proofread at least once, for a grand total of 1736 sentences (not counting book 2).
Thanks for the hard work. I'm planning on working through book 2 after I finish 2001 KO so this will be a great help.
Wow, that's awesome, thanks so much for your guys' work! Really!
I hope what I got is still the correct file.
That's where you have the sentence in Japanese and the reading of the target kanji, right?

Is there a quick way to get the automatic reading function for each sentence in Anki or if I want that I have to copy each single sentence into anki?
I typically have a seperate .csv file made with the columns matching up with the fields I wish to import - that is how I import chapters at a time.

For automatic reading generation - the "Japanese" support allows reading generation using "Expression" and "Reading" as fields - but sometimes you cannot trust the readings. The very first sentence of KiC generates a misreading when using this method (一人一人).
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I'm slowly going through all the sentences, so I can check the automatic readings.
I ended up deleting quite a few cards already, because there was nothing new for me. I guess I need book 2 more.
I'm working with another book at the same time which covers 2kyuu readings, so there's a lot of stuff I already know in KiC1.
Hey all. I've just finished digging myself out of the task of SRS'ing every single sentence from chapters 1-44. The task was to have 100% comprehension of the entire sentence (not just the target kanji), not proofreading. Regardless, I found perhaps 5-10 instances of very minor typos. Things like で instead of て, or a stray hiragana -- most of them my own mistakes. In each instance, I've made the appropriate correction in the spreadsheet, but didn't change the "proofread by" field. If you're anal retentive, you might want to re-import those sentences. Just wanted to let you know.
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After much work and daily entry, I am happy to say the KiC project is now complete - every sentence has been entered (for a total of 2449) and proofread at least once.

Thanks to all those who helped, and to those who continue to proofread and correct any errors.
Holy shit! nrg1701 wins the award for the biggest workhorse on this project! You've got an awful lot of nrg, dude!
I've just had a member suggest that there be a column dedicated to a hiragana transliteration of the entire sentence. Any thoughts?
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How do we get access to the completed project? Smile
I plan on purchasing these books over the weekend. I can help with book 2.
FutureBlues Wrote:How do we get access to the completed project? Smile
I'm also curious about this :-) I have both books
welcome to RTK devent! (I always like to welcome first posters)
Thora Wrote:welcome to RTK devent! (I always like to welcome first posters)
Thanks a lot Smile
For access, please see the original post of this thread.
email sent
cm2jr4 Wrote:email sent
Same here.

Excite to get into this thing.
If anyone on the group is interested in adding simple English translations, let me know.

I would be interested in collaborating on that as well.
All of the sentences in Workbook 1 have now been proofread by at least two people. Of course, if any additional mistakes are found, please feel free to edit the spreadsheet.
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