I just finished Rtk2 please congratulate me

Congratulations! I find rtk2 very useful
(2009-07-31, 11:03 pm)Machine_Gun_Cat Wrote: Thankyou armando amaya. I want everybody else who has finished Rtk2 to also post in this thread as well ( I meant to put "the" at the start of the thread title but forgot and can't edit it in now Sad )

and at thecite I'm sory I didn't see your request for my Anki file, I'll get onto trying to figure out how to send my anki files.

On the desktop version of anki, you can export the deck. If you haven't been using desktop, you can sync to it via ankiweb.

Once exported, you can actually upload here if you'd like, it's a shared area of Anki decks for Japanese: