英語でしゃべらナイト gone?!?

Is it really gone?!? It was one of the few programs that I record and watch on a regular basis.

It's been a popular program for such a long time - I wonder what NHK was thinking...
I don't know, I rarely watch the program, but if you check out this episode info on the NHK website, it seems more like a marketing ploy than an actual end to the program.

Take a close look at the last paragraph.
Yeah, looks like marketing... I watch it sometimes on TV-Japan, but I have to admit that sometimes I have to turn the sound off because the English is cringeworthy... not Pakkun's... just everyone else's.
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Hey, did they kill the Kaitai Shin Show, too? I was just watching it on TV-Japan, and all of a sudden, they're saying it's their last episode. Dang. That was a fun show, too. Where else can you learn that music will lower your testosterone levels from comedians?

I mean there's always Gatten, but lately all they've been talking about is dieting. Meh.