Use subs2srs to Create Anki Decks Based on Your Favorite Movie or Show

(2017-05-06, 10:24 pm)theadamie Wrote: Are we ever going to see a Mac version of this?
Macs are infinitely more Japanese friendly which is one of the main reasons I use them. I can't be the only one on here.

Not to derail the thread, but what are some examples of macOS being infinitely more Japanese friendly?
There is a flash card language learning site using movie substitles so you dont have to make your own decks. For Japanese to English - and for English to Japanese
I'm not the tech-savviest person out there, but I'm trying to use Subs2srs and I...well I got stuck....

I followed this guide to set it up

Just got done pasting all the files into the appdata folder, in The appdata folder took me forever to find, but all I had to do was go to the Anki help guide to find out that that's where they save their files (I know I'm not the smartest person ever):

"On Windows, the latest Anki versions store your Anki files in your appdata folder. You can access it by opening the file manager, and typing %APPDATA%\Anki2 in the location field. Older versions of Anki stored your Anki files in a folder called Anki in your Documents folder."

And now the pics are not showing up in my Anki deck, and the audio won't play.

They worked perfectly in Subs2srs, though.

I want to use this program so badly and I'm confused :/

figured it out. Copied the files wrong lol. Tongue

Now to figure out how to get the replay button to work on this....
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The software worked extremely well for the first deck I created for my first movie. However, I encountered a problem while doing my second deck. After setting all the settings correctly and pressing GO, the program works well and creates my audio clips, snapshots, etc. But after the processing is finished, there are NO files whatsoever in my output folder!
I tried it several times but the problem persists: NO files in my output folder ( I tried several different folders). I am using Windows Vista Home. Please help!!! This software is by far one the most useful ones I have ever used!