KO2001 and iKnow (Group Effort Request)

Done with the first set.

I left the ones with no sentences available on iKnow blank.
Edited: 2009-01-16, 1:33 pm
Just letting you guys know that I'm still going to do those other lists. I've just been super busy the past day or so.
I just ordered the book. If I get it on time to help out I'll do my best to contribute. If not, I really appreciate all the effort you all are putting in to this. Thanks!!!
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i'm sure any of you guys who wanted to order the KO2001 CD now could do it and join in... there are still plenty of kanji to go through at the moment...
Be careful with the CD as I think it lists a lot more vocabulary than the 4 or 5 per kanji that the books do. I'm not sure though.
For the first two levels,I think the CD simply has some more voc and readings, beyond the most frequent readings/voc that are in the book. I am not sure there is anything in the CD that we couldnt get from other sources for free. jinshijisyou comes to mind.

It DOES have the most frequent VOC+ more for the level beyond one and two,without sentence examples, so that is something to consider. I would question if its needed, or if Iknow would have enough example sentences to make it worth while
I can spend a little time on this now. I'll do 271-285 and 286-300.
For what it's worth, I did contact CosCom and inform them about iKnow and perhaps they can release official lists and sentences. The reply back seemed positive in that they were looked at it and seem interested.
Nukemarine Wrote:For what it's worth, I did contact CosCom and inform them about iKnow and perhaps they can release official lists and sentences. The reply back seemed positive in that they were looked at it and seem interested.
Pretty cool. I wonder how, precisely, they'd go about getting involved. I noticed the level 3 and beyond kanji chart in the back of the book doesn't have readings, so hopefully they can at least get some vocabulary words up there... I just noticed iKnow streamlined the voice-recording process too, not bad.
271 - 285 done:
I'll carry on with 286 - 300 tomorrow.
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Thanks again to all helping out on this. I know my time will be limited over the next month thanks to moving, but I'll try to add more also.
I've been busy for most of today, so I haven't had a chance to type up my list -- but they're coming! I'm just having a lot of trouble getting this semester's schedule in order, so I've been emailing and calling professors pretty much nonstop. I'll be out of the house for most of tomorrow, but I'll get my lists done soon, I promise.
Finished list 20 (286 - 300):

It's taking me about an hour quarter to do one list. How are the rest of you finding it? Noticing the Ctrl-S and Ctrl-Enter shortcuts helped a bit.

Put me down for 301 - 315. It will probably take me to the end of the week.
Guys I'm going to have to apologize in advance by go ahead and take my name off the list for the ones that are currently "in progress" by me. I will still be trying to add ones when I can but just started my accelerated push through my final year in college in which I'm taking on 20hrs per semester for the next 3 semesters in order to finish my final two years worth of school in just one. I have to deliver a 35 page paper every 8 weeks for the next 11 months to the director of the business department in addition to my full time job and attending normal classes so basically I'm going to be doing all I can just to keep up with my studies. I had no idea the program was going to require this amount of writing so I've been caught a little off guard to say the least.
no prob... college sucks man... I just want to study japanese all day myself... I feel your pain..
Hashiriya Wrote:no prob... college sucks man... I just want to study japanese all day myself... I feel your pain..
Yeah no joke. I actually can deal with classes just fine but to complete my degree in one year they are giving me what is called "directed study" which basically means instead of actually having classes for all of my credit hours then allow me to do half of the hours by myself. Of course to make up for the lack of class time they just pile on a crap ton of work. The reason I'm ticked off is because now that I've started I can see it's mainly just "busy work". I don't mind writing papers on good topics but that's not what it is. My "paper" consists of basically working through an entire book cover to cover in 8 weeks and answering every case study question at the end of the chapter. The catch is they are demanding that every question been answered in paragraph form no matter how concise the actual question is. I mean I can BS a paragraph on anything but when a question is almost yes/no in nature it's a pain in the butt to simply have to write for the sake of writing.

Oh well, crying about it isn't going to do anything lol.
Activeaero, good skills to you in your study. Even writing busy work is still writing. The more you write, the better you get at writing (much like Japanese, Judo and Cooking).

Thanks for your help, and for the heads up.
i think i am going to try and commit at list one list a week on this project starting next week... if someone can commit the same, we can get through this a lot easier... i'll take 106-120 and finish it by the end of next week... i'ld do more, but i am working through RtK again right now...
Since my ship came back in (hard to get on iKnow at sea), I should be able to do more also.
Ok, finished the last one for the first 90 kanji. I also went and compiled all those mini-lists of 50 to 70 words into a larger list of 400 to 500 words.

I'll try to get the second set done tonight.
I just finished kanji 436-450
Edited: 2009-01-29, 6:10 pm
I'll try to finish up mine this weekend-bit behind.
2001.Kanji.Odyssey Word List 8 (106-120) is finished.
I won't be able to work on this for a couple weeks at least. If someone else wants to take on 301-315, feel free. I haven't started it yet.
Quick question and concern here:

Question: If I use the anki plugin to download the cards to my deck, can I access the audio if I do not have an internet connection?


I was going through the iKnow sentences in the first couple of sets to weed out what I wanted and what I didn't want, and I have to say I noticed an alarming amount of incorrect translations as well as just general... awkwardness I guess. I ran some of these by my Japanese friends and found that some of the sentences were, in fact, very weird sounding. So, just a heads up. Not sure how Cerego manages with other vocabulary (I think pretty well, since the 100 words I did in the first part of iKnow seemed pretty good), but some of these are a little dodgy.