The "I just finished RTK3, please follow me" thread

There we go. I've finished RtK 3 for the second time, along with the missing 人名用漢字 and a few other "RtK 4" characters such as 蜩, 鬱 and 齣. My retention rate is far better now than last time, with about 85% for RtK 3 and a lovely 98% for RtK 1. This time, I spent about a month and a half flipping through the book.

Just like last time, the tree kanji have been among the most difficult, as have the fish kanji. I still keep failing horse mackerel about 50% of the time. <<

Now I'll take a break from (new) kanji and focus on sentences and grammar for a while before getting started on the rest of the kanji discussed in the "Beyond RtK 3" thread on these boards.
Way to go! I'll cath you up in a year or 2.
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My crawl through RtK3 ended about last week, more than half a year after I started. Aerin shows us that it is possible to even go slower, going at an unhurried pace of about 5 per week and now within the last 100. What a stamina.

Of all those that gave up halfway, special attention to astridtops, author of many wonderful stories: When are you going to continue?

Scriptwise, I haven't done too much. I'll release a script shortly that I've been using over the past few months, in the hope that others might find it useful. There are a few things I'd like to improve on other scripts, but the trouble with having finished the two books is that there's no particular advantage for me anymore. Need to find something so I can continue to use this site.
I am so jealous, my brain is like that of a goldfish.
Its so cool that you were dedicated and you finished it, it motivates me to try my best too.
Congrats dude. Really.
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Oh man... after 31 days of intense studying I have finally completed RTK3. It's been a long road but I know learning the RTK3 kanji is extremely useful to know. I'd like to thank some members for there excellent stories, namely mantixen, I found many of his stories to be useful, Kazuo and Megaqwerty also come to mind. As other people mentioned, the tree and flower kanji were difficult to remember, so i tried hard to make good stories to really help build a connection between the name of the kanji and the components. Here's a graph of my study progress over the past 209 days, keeping a log of my study helped me to discipline myself into a study routine.

[Image: rtk3comp.PNG]

To top it all off, I just received an email saying I'd been accepted into a Japanese university. I wasn't expecting that!
Good luck to anyone who wants to give RTK3 a go, it's probably not as difficult as you think it'll be.
I saw the picture before I read all the words. For a second there I thought you did the whole thing in like 5 days. I was like, wtf, is he showing progress of his review.
Awesome job, cameron_en, congrats. Hope to meet you at the top one day ...
That is awesome. Just awesome. Great job!

I think I remember seeing your graph in the "I just finished RTK1" thread.
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Done. 3007. I am still exhausted but it feels so good. It is a long road, but thanks to the book and this site it was possible. I cannot imagine be able to do it without that. There are many kanji in the RTK3 that are worth knowing, so I strongly recommend to go for them!
@kumakuma; nice job! Right behind yah! Just wondering, besides flower and tree, which section did you find to be the hardest?
Well, I guess I must answer that indeed that tree and flower sections were the worst. Mostly because it is hard to get an imagine of what kinda plant the Kanji is about, which is the main problem here I think. Also, the kanji at the end of rtk3 which are about expressions concerning buddhism, which has the same reason, I know hardly anything about that subject.
I still have to do many reviews to actually say I dont forget any Kanji anymore. Then I will share more of my stories, after I am sure that I can remember them good as well.
Now, I will try to study them as compounds, too. Or use them actually, so to speak.
I've just finished. Took me 9 weeks, at a leisure pace, while studying other things on the side. It was easier than I expected - there were not so many technical and obscure kanji after all. Also, learning the old forms of the primitives will very be very useful, I think, when studying non-RTK kanji.

So, I agree - if you've stopped at 2042, keep going! It's well worth it.
Yay just did it Big Grin

"All flashcards for RtK Vol.1 and RtK Vol.3 have been added." <Unbelievable how happy I am to see this sentence :B
Wow. Maybe I'll pick up RTK3 after RTK1 afterall... I'll be done with RTK1 by the end of April.
I recently decided to get RTK3 out of the way and finished it today. Looking back at all the Japanese I've learned so far, it hardly seemed to be more than a bump in the road. Strange, considering the completion of RKT1 felt like such an accomplishment.
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Damn... I took my time (had to make my own keywords and stuff..) but finally: Finished Remembering the Kanji 3! Certainly feels good, especially seeing how this thread is only two pages long, it's not a task many people seem to tackle.
Thus, congratulations to all of us! It's only a small step to actual fluency but oh boy I don't want to imagine how long it would take using "oldschool" learning methods.

Also, thanks for your stories again, some were pretty inspiring! Smile
Congratulations Evil_Dragon with the accomplishment!!

It seems that we are indeed a small group, approximately ~ 35 (according to the memberstats on
Congrats, I started to do RTK3 last year but decided to just learn the rest as I went along. It still calls to me, though...
RTK3 done. Thanks to Anki, mainly. As someone above mentioned, the trees and the fish are a little difficult. I'll probably take another month to get all the cards to the "mature" level.

But it feels good to be done - I rarely get surprised when reading now!
Just finished Rtk3, now I'm gonna go and hunt down all the remaining Kanji in my Kanji dictionary until there are none left that I don't understand.

It took around 189 days (or 6 months and 5 days Tongue) averaging around 16 a day.

I have to admit the this book was so much harder, as half the plants and fish I don't even know in English. Feels like an anti-climax for some reason Sad However Khaz is about to release his sentence pack (talk about good timing) and now I can get some real Japanese into me (ワーイ!!!)

Good luck to everyone else
grats on finishing it! doesn't it feel good knowing you pretty much know most of the kanji you will ever see, and if you come across new ones, you just add them as you do? Smile

Funny thing that sentence pack comes out on my birthday.
I started RTK 3 today! I finished RTK 1 like 2 months ago and I had the oportunity to have the book for free (don't ask me how). I'll learn like 5 per day since I am now a college student and can't afford to spend hours learning new kanji. Though I might rush things up in christmas vacations.
Finished today, hurrah! Ta to all those with far superior imaginations than mine for the stories. Now to employ the handy 'delete cards' feature and change over to Japanese keywords in Anki for all of the RTK3 kanji. Because i've always wanted to know what snapping turtle is in Japanese... Smile Then next step: The Uber-List from Katsuo... Something to be saved for a rainy day I think.