Guidelines for participating in the forums

Welcome to the Koohii community!

The Kanji Koohii forum originally was created at the request of the "Reviewing the Kanji" members. Reviewing the Kanji, now called Kanji Koohii is a web app that lets you study kanji and review with Spaced Repetition. The forum went live in the summer of 2006 !

What this community is about
This community is about learning  a language, sharing one's insights and experiences along the journey, as well as Japan and Japanese culture in general.

Forum Guidelines
What is highlighted in red below are rules. The rest is guidelines. Moderation is no-nonsense. We welcome discussion on forum rules, and constructive criticism on the moderation. However, please use common sense. Briefly : just be nice, it goes a long way. If you are unhappy about any moderation decision, please PM a moderator first. Moderators and admin can talk about something in our private forum, to review a decision.

No buying/selling threads (Added: May 2011)
I'm sorry but this is just asking for trouble for the admin and moderator(s). I can not take responsibility for any trades made through the forum. Allowing such threads on a case by case basis makes no sense either. Buying/selling is allowed or it isn't. So I'm sorry but until further notice... buying/selling is NOT allowed and such posts will be deleted.

Regarding scraped content (Updated: March 2017)
Posting decks containing kanji stories scraped from Kanji Koohii! is not allowed on this forum. Don't scrape the website!! Keep in mind I'm no backend wizard and Koohii doesn't run on cloud. Please use the sample database with top voted stories provided for the open source Kanji Koohii project. See Using Koohii mnemonics in decks etc.


Be supportive. This forum is first and foremost a means for Reviewing The Kanji (RevTK) members, to support, encourage and help each other to complete the Remembering the Kanji (RtK) method.

Because of this, discussions on alternatives or modifications to James Heisig's original method will only be tolerated so long as their are done in a positive manner and aim to help members to reach their goal (be it completing RTK or attaining kanji literacy).

This website is a labour of love, and animosity or competition will not be tolerated.


Be responsible. This forum lets you edit and delete posts without any time limit. I trust the majority of users on this forum to make use of these features in a responsible way. Public discussions are recorded in time. As a general rule of thumb you should not delete posts that are more than a week old. If you don't like something that you said, or no longer identify with it, then say so when you edit the post. As a general rule of thumb, don't delete anything that you posted more than a week ago, unless you moved the contents to another discussion or the content been made obsolete by someone else's post.

If you are worried about your privacy, contact the admin and ask for a username change.


No Piracy. These forums do not condone piracy. I believe that in the same way that you should respect other's creations and opinions on these boards; you should respect works that are available commercially.

As the administrator of these forums and community, I am not here to tell you what's right or wrong, or to advocate for or against copyright. However I strongly believe that irresponsible linking from the forums to various torrent sites and other sources of illegal downloads will slowly but surely derail this community into something that is not at all the forums and community that we know and enjoy today.

This is not the place for sharing illegal downloads, there are other places for that.

Practically... do not create NEW topics which purpose is to offer downloads to materials that are not available free of rights. Such topics will be deleted without notice, especially if they are your first post. Always specify the source for downloads that are linked to file hosting sites such as Rapidshare and such. Links without a modicum of information on the source for the material or the contents of the archive are subject for deletion.

I am not against users sharing decks based partly or entirely on copyrighted material, when a user is answering to someone else in need of a deck or something. On the understanding that those are occasional requests. These posts will be tolerated because it does not confuse visitors (old and new) as to what the forum is all about. That's a subtle but important difference.

I am advocating on these forums a "middle road" and ask you all to help keep the forum's purpose and atmosphere in the right direction.


Thank you!


(Updated Mar 2017) Updated website scraping rule + info about Koohii stories usage.
(Updated Aug 2016) Emphasized "No Piracy". Minor edits.
Edited: 2017-03-27, 6:16 am
Don't Post Links to Shady Websites

The "shady tv" thread has attracted spammers and I have better things to do with my day.

In the future, regardless if you are spammer or not, you will be given a temporary ban for posting links to such sites.