On frame 1531. 3/4 of the way done!

Bit more than a month later and I am here now.
A lot of Kanjis really are starting to become annoying and all the grow up ones in 40 aren't making it better.
But I don't want to give up with "only" 500 left, might reduce the amount of kanjis per day to 10 though.
Passed the 3/4 mark today after doing 45 in the past two days. I normally do 5 a day.
Feels like it's not far now.
I can already read a Japanese subway map (my teacher didn't believe it, and pulled one out of her purse!)
Really looking forward to the finishing line in a few months time. Smile
timaki Wrote:I'm adding only 10 cards per day, and I don't feel a smidgen of guilt or unease about it. I've got a full-time job, a family, and side projects outside of Japanese, not to mention Core6K and reading tasks like NHK NewsWeb Easy to go through every day. Ten new cards per day is just fine for me. While NSA agents eager to spy on the phone conversations of our East Asian allies might feel some urgency to push through all the kanji in two or three months, not everyone has that pressing need.
Same here.
Realistically, I have about 30-60 minutes to study each day maximum. Any more than 5 a day, and I end up studying kanji instead of studying Japanese. Sometimes I have to miss up to a week, so the reviews would really pile up.

Given that at my level of Japanese I'm only expected to know about 300 kanji, already knowing 1500+ is just fine at 5 a day.
I am at 1654 as of today. I can almost see the finishing line now. Whew!
Posted in the half-way thread about a month ago, and now here I am! Really starting to feel motivated, now that I can almost see the end. It's also nice just knowing that the remaining chapters in this book are shorter than anything I encountered in the beginning and middle (I'm trying to go a chapter at a time). Thinking I can maybe finish in three weeks or so? See you guys there!
Two months later, here I am!
Started a new job, so I've had fewer days to actually get material done. With all that's going on, I've barely had time to catch up, let alone get a whole new lesson in! (Doing a chapter/session, by the way. It's always so gratifying to finish a full chapter :3)
I think I'm getting back in the swing of things, though :3

I hope to see y'all in a month or so in the finished RTK1 thread!
Made it to 1595 today; it's all downhill from here.

This is almost the end of the beginning of my Japanese studies :-)
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Wow, that took WAY longer than I expected (basically because I burnt out and didn't do much for 1,5 months), but I'm finally on frame 1650! I'm even starting to pick up random kanji I come across!  Big Grin

I think I'll just keep reviewing until December so that my reviews go down, maybe do a few lessons, and then do the final sprint during my Christmas break. Hope I can be done before next year!
First time posting on the forums - thought it would be pertinent to celebrate this milestone.

I've been chipping away at this monolith since early May, 2013. I passed #1100 in mid-November 2014, and I just reached #1650 in 6th Ed. today. I had about six months cumulatively where I didn't have access to my kanji "story-creation" material, and probably some extra time thrown in due to periods where I was stuck and had to take time away or various other life-complications.

That aside, I'm very slow and methodical and thorough. My goal is only 6 kanji a day, preferably more, plus daily review. Six kanji equates to just above one-quarter of a percent of the 2200. I've had assistance in the form of referencing and also a copy of the "Classic Nelson" kanji dictionary (formerly my mother's: she used to be a middle school Japanese teacher), which I've modified and appended as needs-be (such as adding the current Jouyou list) and added a "Heisig number" to all entries as I come across them. Apart from that, though, I find that story creation is probably the hardest part for me, and is prone to me getting stuck on one kanji, sometimes for a couple of weeks at a time. I flew through the first 550 or so when the stories and plots were handed to me, so this website has been a godsend. I discovered the website once I got to part 3 - I'd have given up, otherwise. I don't always find that the stories on the site work for me, though, which is when I tend to get stuck, but I let the kanji brew in my mind until I come up with a story for it, or find a new inspiration from one of the presented ones. Additionally, I suppose my slowness is also because I'm really making my own personal dictionary: I cross-reference Jisho and Nelson, handwrite my stories, write a quick "how-to" for writing each kanji and practice my kanji multiple times (breaking Heisig's rule, but I recite as I write to help the mnemonics stick). I also do physical flashcards which I don't tend to use any more, but that's how I started; plus, I like the challenge of testing myself on multiple kanji at once rather than being reminded of a particular element that spurs my recollection of subsequent kanji. And I'm yet to add the readings and compounds for each kanji, so I'll be at this for a while yet.

Still, if I manage to keep up 6 kanji a day, I'll be set for completion around May, three years after I started. I look at people who do dozens, if not hundreds of kanji a day and wonder "how". Despite my slowness, I revise yesterday's failures, yesterday's new kanji, and then my new daily pile. My revision rate tends to be above 80% on a "bad day", and I typically don't get more than about 30 on each day's revision, unless I leave it to fester and have it build up. Some days lately I've only had maybe 7-12 kanji to revise, which helps.

Every 22 kanji is 1% of the book, so each percentage point under my belt is a small victory. Every 100 is a bigger one. Getting three-quarters through is phenomenal. Breaking it down into smaller goals helps me push on through. I'm not quite sure what I'll do after finishing RTK1, apart from taking on RTK2 - though I know I want start learning Japanese properly.

Hopefully the last quarter of the book won't be too rocky for me and I will have it done come May, and I'll be able to post in the "I've finished" thread. Thank you so much for your help with your stories, everyone.
Oh, there is a 3/4 thread. I am at 1800 and change.

So close, I really should push it, push it real good and finish up that mofo.
At 1576 currently! I wonder whether it's worth it to aim for 40 new kanji per day or to keep my daily reviews under 100 instead.
Reached 1531 today on my third attempt. Horray!

As I was adding familiar kanji quickly in the beginning and continued with pace about 25-49 completaly new cards a day, I was quickly overhelmed with reviews (140 per day). And some weekends without reviews at all made a huge pile on Monday, what almost killed me. I have a full time job, family, plus neverending finishing operations after our flat reconstruction.

Now I am at about 70-90 reviews a day, so I slowly continue with adding new cards. Now I am at point, when I am dealing with synonyms and not being native English speaker, it is much harder for me to feel the differences.

Well, please, cross fingers for me to finish this...
(2016-04-04, 5:36 am)dorban Wrote: Reached 1531 today on my third attempt. Horray!

Well, please, cross fingers for me to finish this...

Congrats! I am about to start again myself, so I can relate to the neverending reviews. But you are almost there! Keep it up!
Today I surpassed 1650 kanji. Which is 75% of the total 2200 kanji from 6th edition. 3/4 of the way there. In two weeks it will be 2 years since I started with RtK1. As I said in the half-way thread (10 months ago), I'm taking things slowly. My goal is to finish in the following 6 months, doing 100 kanji a month, like I've done in the past 3 months. I've been doing this for so long that I wonder what it is to be finished with it. But on the other hand... what will I do after it? I guess I'm kind of addicted to it. ^_^U And I enjoy the journey, "slow and steady wins the race" is how things work for me. See you in the "Done with RtK1" thread in 2017. I believe once you reach this milestone you know you will eventually be done with it sooner or later!
Your story resembles mine: I had a similar pace, as I never had much time IRL for studying Japanese (it's more like a hobby than anything else).
Strange as it is, when I finished RTK1 I felt far from happy. No sensation of accomplishment at all; actually, I felt a little empty... Soon, it became clear: I had grown addicted to it (bloody pokánjis... gotta catch'em all :-). Also, it didn't help that I was still stumbling on unknown kanji everywhere (well, TBH mainly anime and manga)...

Then I played a few weeks with a vocabulary deck in Anki (something I'd been postponing for too long), but once again it didn't seem right for the me at that time. So, in the end, RTK3 was what worked: it was more of the same (which is to say it was the only active, enjoyable thing I could do in Japanese, given my mood and available time) and when I finally finished it, the feeling was a good, totally different one. Almost cathartic.

In short, what I'm trying to say is there's a possibility you'll end up being a little disappointed when you're done with RTK1, as I did. If that's the case, don't worry: it's perfectly normal, and there's still a long way to fluency ahead. Take some time to contemplate how far you made it already (finishing RTK1 is no small achievement), and then find the next enjoyable activity to keep your progress steady, even if slow.

Good luck!
I crossed the three-quarter threshold over the weekend. Originally I wanted to be done the first book and supplement by the eleventh, but I think I can still polish them both off by the end of the month. I've got like 547 characters to go.
(2017-11-13, 9:03 am)connrrr Wrote: I crossed the three-quarter threshold over the weekend. Originally I wanted to be done the first book and supplement by the eleventh, but I think I can still polish them both off by the end of the month. I've got like 547 characters to go.


A lot of the late kanji are quite easy.