How to import Books to Kindle that have Dictionary Lookup

I just spent wayyy too much time on this so I thought I'd put it in a post in case I forget (again).

Adding your own custom Japanese books using Calibre can be really frustrating- there is a bug where titles get translated into pinyin, and the documents you upload cannot be used with your Kindle dictionary. Really frustrating, especially for learners.

If you want to get around that, the solution is mercifully simple - push documents to your Kindle through email.

You need to log into Amazon with whatever email you use for your Kindle. Then go to "Your Content and Devices" under the "Account and Lists" button on the home page.

From there go to "Settings" > "Personal Document Settings". Find your Kindle's e-mail address and make sure that the email you'll be sending it from is whitelisted.

I usually send .mobi files through but a ton of file types are accepted, and there is more details on Amazon for what you can push through. I would stick to .mobi, .txt or .epub though to make sure your document is serchable (vs sending a PDF)

In about 5 minutes or so you should have your documents starting to load to your kindle, assuming you have WiFi/are connected to the internet. And these books are magically searchable, and the titles aren't totaly screwed up!

Hope this helps any learners out there Smile use this in  conjunction with download services from sites like 小説を読もう or Pixiv's 小説 section for some free, entertaining reading!