Are KLC 2300 Kanji useful in mandairin?

I heard that there are a lot of useless kanji's in the joyo list so it may not be worth it to memorize all 2300
but since my parents speak mandarin (simplified chinese) might as well just memorize kanji with the chinese reading first
then learn japanese reading with vocab later

there might also be differences whether some things are simplified or not

so does anyone ever made a list about this before? like learning japanese kanji and mandarin at the same time and like list where there is the japanese version or the kanji and mandarin version or something as a reference
There's a big overlap, but I don't have a detailed list. I do believe Heisig/KLC is clearly the way to go if you're going to learn both Mandarin and Japanese.
Kanjis used in japanese and chinese aren't nearly used at the same rate. Surely there is some overlap but every time I look at chinese text (even if it's not simplified) I don't know like 30-40% of characters and most of them aren't part of japanese dictionaries at all. And I can read a lot of kanjis. You will be better off concetrating on one language at the time.
Edited: 2018-01-19, 10:30 am
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