Anki export feature?

In Android, when I select a text inside the browser and I click the "share" button, among the options there is a "AnkiDroid Card" feature. Is there a way to do the same inside Windows?
(I know there are add-ons to export selection as text which I can then import inside Anki, but it's not what I need)
Would something like the Yomichan chrome extension accomplish what you want, or are you looking for something that will work from anywhere in Windows?
Thank you Susan1430 for you help!
Unfortunately I need to import the exact sentence that I underline, and Yomichan doesn't permit to do that :/
Reading this question made me think that a context menu tool for making Anki cards would be really neat. I might look into it later, but maybe someone with more programming experience will also think it's neat and do it for me.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any tools like that. The Lingoes popup dictionary does some of the things necessary for such a tool, but it doesn't have any export function, let alone Anki support.
Edited: 2018-01-12, 4:42 pm