Japanese cooking shows/channels

I've become obsessed with learning how to cook lately (I can cook, but learning how to cook at a high level), and I'm wondering if there's a way I can combine it with Japanese: does anyone have any recommendations for Japanese cooking shows, sites or youtube channels?
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Probably NOT what you're looking for (since I believe you want more of a Food Network show like Alton Brown), but if you just want to practice cooking terms YouTube has a ton of full episodes of Iron Chef.

But if anyone has a comparable show to something like Alton Brown I would also like that.
The format, yes, sure: I'm looking for shows involving a person making things in the kitchen, and explaining how and why they do things, as they're doing them. But not Food Network. Their food sucks. Alton Brown, for instance, isn't a cook. He's an actor.

I'd prefer something in that format, that involves an actual cook/chef (preferably a real one, who works in the industry, though there are some home cooks with great ideas, on youtube).

To give an example, "Jamie's Quick and Easy Food", which is Jamie Oliver's new show. If that show was in Japanese, it would be exactly what I'm looking for. Or, another example, for a more traditional chef, with a simple youtube channel: . Either of those styles is fine.

There are so many great Japanese chefs...surely, one of them has a show.
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A Japanese version of Good Eats would be amazing for me.

As for Japanese cooking channels on YouTube... Here's a few, but they've got English all over them:

For a food related series that occasionally has recipes and is completely in Japanese, there's this series from jstsciencechannel:

Just saw your hope for a more chef-y chef. Like one with a restaurant or something. Don't know any like that, but I'll be looking at this thread too.
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Also found this one (I think it's a series of just 3 videos), among others, after searching "料理教室" on youtube:

(2017-11-06, 12:21 am)faneca Wrote: Also found this one (I think it's a series of just 3 videos), among others, after searching "料理教室" on youtube:

He's not exactly Graham Kerr, is he!
There's a ton of shows that kind of mix cooking techniques with other topics. For example 晴れ、ときどきファーム mixes vegetable gardening with cooking and community socialization. :

One show that I find enjoyable is 男子ごはん :

It's geared towards guys (obviously) but it's not too macho and I think girls might enjoy it too. This is your more "traditional" cooking show where they have 3 or 4 items that they cook and explain what and why they are doing.

There are probably tons and tons more but I'm not sure if they will be widely available since most people don't find them enjoyable (crazy isn't it) so they rarely get ripped and uploaded to video streaming sites. I watch these and other on IPTV so it's no issue for me.

I have lots of others that I enjoy. Let me know if you want more recommendations.
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Okay okay okay, I remembered seeing the dude from 絶対彼氏 on TV once and that he did a lot of cooking. You can find some shorts of his videos here, I think it's what you're looking for.

For example:
This show has been on the air for 60 years:

They broadcast it Mon-Thurs at 9pm Tokyo Time with rebroadcasts at 11am on NHK-E.
Sometimes Cookpad ( ) has videos of their recipes.
(2017-11-06, 8:04 am)bizarrojosh Wrote: I have lots of others that I enjoy. Let me know if you want more recommendations.

Danshi Gohan is great. Found a bunch of recent episodes on dailymotion. Please, post some more shows you like.
(2017-11-06, 8:04 am)bizarrojosh Wrote: One show that I find enjoyable is 男子ごはん :
I'd like to thank you again for recommending this show. It's really great. They're not doing traditional recipes, either, they're doing really high quality, and yet simple, fusion cuisine.

Quick question about the webpage: it only has the recipes for the last few shows. Is there an archive of all the recipes, somewhere, that I'm missing? They're really helpful to go over, because the names of the ingredients are often a little too obscure for me (without help from Rikaisama).

edit: never mind, I solved the mystery of the disappearing recipes. There's a book series. Nine of them, 1,800 yen a piece. Should've figured.
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