Suggestions for maximum review time on Koohii SRS

Looks great! Very clear.

As for multipliers, maybe 1.1 => 4? That should be enough so that somebody restarting can quickly get their cards to a high delay and make sure that correct answers continue to grow delays.

[Edit: Actually, 1.1 would grow 3 days to 3 days, which doesn't make sense. Maybe force each bucket to be at least a day more than the preceding one. Alternatively, moving the bottom of the range to 1.35 would solve it.]
Edited: 2017-11-16, 10:45 pm

I used the same approach as hornlo's Perl script (before last post). So Math.ceil() rounds to 4.
Edited: 2017-11-17, 8:27 am
I put in SRS Multiplier from 1.30 to 4.00 in 0.05 steps.

I'll also update the code to compute variance based on the custom intervals. I'll try 0.15 as in hornlo's example.
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