Trying to estimate my potential score N2

Hi all,

I am sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find what I was looking for on searching the internet and elsewhere.

Basically, I have been taking a lot of practice tests and trying to get in a lot of study hours before the test. I want to know if I am in the ball park of potentially passing or if I am completely going to get owned come December. For example, I will take a 読解 practice test and sometimes will get around an 8/20, a 11/20, or a 6/20. So I am all over the place and just want to know what range would put me in the right ballpark. I have tried to navigate the JLPT website, but I really don't find it too user friendly.

Thanks in advance and sorry if this is a dumb question.
To pass JLPT N2, one needs at least 19/60 for each section and 90/180 overall.

See charts here.
seyzna, your question is a little difficult to answer because the JLPT uses scaled scores.  So the scoring is not transparent like what you see on a practice test.

Speaking from the point of view of someone who has only taken JLPT once (N2) and failed it:

If it were me I'd be worried that those 読解 scores are a little borderline.  I'd want to be consistently seeing at least 50% in that section, to ensure that I met the 19/60 threshold whether or not I was having a bad test day on 3 December.

If you did get only a 19/60 in 読解, you would of course need higher scores in the other two sections to actually reach the 90/180.  For me personally, I'd want to be consistently seeing 60%-70% in both the other two sections.  Just my opinion.
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You can give the J-CAT a try. It's an online Japanese proficiency test which you can take for free from the comfort of your home. At the end of the test you're given a chart where you can see your J-CAT score and which N-level you're at based on that score.

Here's a sample result from a test I did about a year ago.

[Image: nzlcbw.png]

I got my N1 pass, so I'm inclined to think that the test is quite accurate.
Thanks all. I am definitely going to give that J-CAT a try over the weekend! I am just trying to get some idea of where I am at, but you're right that the scaled scores give some consistency. On the 聴解 practices I am doing better, so that is positive. I am usually in the 50-70% range and that seems to be improving consistently (knock on wood). I'll be working on my reading skills more in the coming weeks.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.