Is Japanese etiquette the same on Social Media?

Essentially I heard that foreigners can easily be politely isolated from Japanese society. If they aren't willing to fit in for the most part. Not only that, but it is rare for a Japanese person. To ever tell you when you are doing something wrong. Just wondering does the same rules apply to social media or is the culture more liberal in this area?
It's not true in the real world and by extension its not true online either.

If you can be politely isolated from Japanese society as a foreigner it just means your Japanese is still terrible.
If they have facebooks that they actually use, chances are they're more global and wouldn't segregate you.

That being said, the majority of Japanese people do not use facebook, and LINE (their idea of social media) is where friendships go to die unless you actively message someone regularly. Or if you're on twitter/instagram there's that, but my impression of twitter/instagram is that people just broadcast rather than network.
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