University life and job searching experiences

I'm doing a short report as part of my Japanese unit, and would like to for you to share your experiences regarding university life and job searching in Japan.

1. Where did you attend university, and what did you study?
2. When did you start job searching (after graduation / final year of studies / earlier), did you have a part time job before?
3. Were you part of any clubs during uni, did it help the job search process?
4. How much time was spent searching each week? How did you search? (internet/newspaper/agency)
5. Could you please describe the general process and your thoughts. (eg sending resumes, group interviews, individual interviews)
6. Are you employed now? How closely related is your job and field of study?

Additional question for non-native Japanese.
How does job searching in Japan differ from your home country?

Thankyou and I look forward to your replies.