epub reader for windows?

Is there any free epub reader for windows 10 which supports furigana and fonts customization?
I used to use "epub reader", a Firefox extension, but the new version doesn't automatically open epub due to new Firefox add-on policy, and there is only a limited list of fonts to chose from (and there isn't "meiryo" which is the one I use).

EDIT: Sorry, I realized only now that Calibre cames with a separate "ebook viewer" exe, which is just perfect.
Edited: 2017-08-07, 2:27 pm
Calibre doesn't support vertical text though. And I don't know how they handle furigana, but the answer probably is "not at all".
Try the bookwalker client instead. You can use it for any epub files, not only books bought from them.   (scroll down and click the first button)

edit: The english version should work as vell, but I haven't tried it.
Edited: 2017-08-08, 2:44 am
Thank you Tamba, I'll try this too!

PS: I'm trying the Calibre reader and it supports furigana but I don't know about vertical texts. But I'm going to use it only in order to copy-paste sentences inside of Anki, while for actual books reading I use my Kindle Paperwhite. So it's not a big issue for me if it doesn't support vertical text Tongue
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Okular does a pretty good job on Linux with vertical text. Not sure how difficult it is to install on Windows/Mac though.
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