[Found a workaround] subs2srs: How to change the default output from .avi to .ogg?

Hello guys!

I am wondering if anyone knows how change the default output video format from .avi to other video formats like .ogg. No matter what my video format input is (I tried .ogg, .mp4), its output is always .avi.

I figured since subs2srs "relies on ffmpeg to extract video and thus supports most video codecs (MPEG-4, h.264, XviD, DivX, MPEG-2, etc.) and most video containers (.avi, .mkv, .ogm, .mp4, .flv, .vob, etc.).", it should be possible to change the default output as well.

Thank you!
Edited: 2017-08-04, 10:16 pm
Found a workaround:
After subs2srs generated all the .avi, you can post convert all the videos to .ogg using FFmpeg.
Extract the FFmpeg.exe from the FFmpeg folder you've downloaded.
In the directory where you have all the videos waiting to be converted, put that FFmpeg.exe inside.
Create a batch file with the following inside:

for %%f in (*.avi) do ffmpeg -i "%%f" -c:v libtheora -c:a libvorbis -q:v 10 -q:a 10 "%%~nf.ogg"


And wait for it to do its magic. CheersSmile