help with yomichan-import

FooSoft, I've found your software of invaluable help, it simplified a lot my work, so thank you in advance if you'll decide to help me with this issue I'm having.
I find your term_bank_n.json output format very easy to use, but as I need to import the output into a database, and I know that yomichan does that too, is there a way for me to locate/extract the yomichan database and use that directly?
Thank you in advance!

PS: I posted this here because it might be useful for other users too
The back-end database used in Yomichan is called IndexedDB. It is the only database for which extensions have an API to use. Internally, it is backed by SQLite on Firefox, and something else on Chrome. You could theoretically try to grab the SQLite database from the bowels of Firefox, but it's not worth it.

Just read the JSON files inside the packed dictionary, it's the easiest thing you can do IMHO. You also haven't said what database you are planning to use. In any case, you are looking at maybe like 50 lines of Python code tops to do all of this.