Japanese App Store Account: worth it? +Games!

Is creating a Japanese iOS App Store account worth it?   what goodies / exclusives are out there?

Also please suggest some great Games (Preferably if they aid Japanese learning...)  they can be JP app store exclusives or international...
Creating a JP account only takes a few minutes so there's not much reason not to.  I forget if they ask for an address, if they do you can either just make one up or get one from a forwarding service (I've been happy with Tenso, but there are others).  Don't give them a credit card when you sign up, if you do need to make any purchases you'll have to use an iTunes gift card.  I've been using JapanCodeSupply for this, but again there are other options.

As for the second part of your question, I pretty firmly agree with Krashen that the best learning material is content that you, personally, find compelling.  What do you like playing in English?  If there's something in particular you enjoy folks here may have some specific recommendations.  Over on the other thread I mentioned that I really like rhythm games with interwoven stories containing lots of fully-voiced text.  I'm currently playing Girls Band Party, Love Live School Idol Festival, and the new iDOLM@STER Theater Days.  But of course these aren't everyone's idea of fun.  

So I guess my suggestion would be to set your iTunes region to Japan and just kind of explore.  If there's an anime you like see if there's a game tie-in, if you enjoyed Final Fantasy there's an iOS port of some of the games, that sort of thing.  You can also check on youtube for the PV for any games that look interesting, or look for Let's Play (実況プレイ) videos.
Great!  I was able to get those 3 games you kindly suggested! This is exciting!

Regarding games in general:

I'm not too picky; as long as you can tell the game is well-made and somehow aids Japanese learning, then such a game would be recommendable/desirable for me.

For instance I was able to spot:

-Plague Inc

I have not downloaded them myself, yet. As they are paid..  But they are highly ranked...

Given that, which other games might you suggest?