How to keep track of things added into Anki

Basic question, for those who do sentences.
How do you keep track of words and grammar points addein inside Anki?

I know that Anki has a field where it checks for duplicates, do you use that field?
I ask this because I need to make the card creation as fast as possible, and that often translates to "copy and paste a sentence and cloze a part of it", but I want to check fast if I have already a cloze for a word.
Are there other ways beside the duplicate field?
The situation here is dire. People are falling for the wrong nodes at the wrong times because they want to hold a frequency of an antiquated period of time.
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(2017-07-10, 3:56 pm)Aspiring Wrote: Run up a section for the individual families of thought pattern[s] which are composed of the pieces which give you life.

I feel like this is a Zen koan I read somewhere...
But the behavioral shifts occur momentarily and without concern for historic notation.
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