Japanese Language Study Log: anotherjohn

I've got a bit of a milestone coming up in that my reviews will soon drop below 30 mins/day, so it seems like a good time to post a brief update.

Since passing the N1 I have hardly added any new cards, just been grinding the reviews down. At one point I suspended about 500 leeches (i.e. > 8 fails) with intervals < 1 month on the basis that these ones are mostly still leeches, which lightened the load a bit.

For a few weeks before the N1 I added about 8k sentence cards from various grammar decks, which constituted the bulk of my study for the exam. Also watched a bunch of Nihongomori N1 comprehension vids which were hilariously bad in places but still useful overall. Also did all the questions on japanesetest4you, which unfortunately under-represents the difficult "which option did they choose" listening questions, making the listening section seem easier than it actually is.

The kanjipeen has hardly stirred in recent months. The latest addition was 投擲, which has popped up several times in 蜘蛛ですが、なにか? (highly recommended), which I've been reading during my lunchbreaks at work. I guess I'll finish off the 人名用 ones at some point.

The seen cards in this collection contain:
3952 total unique kanji.
Old jouyou: 1940 of 1940 (100.0%).
New jouyou: 196 of 196 (100.0%).
Jinmeiyou (regular): 588 of 641 (91.7%).
Jinmeiyou (variant): 40 of 145 (27.6%).
1188 non-jouyou kanji.
Jouyou levels:

Grade 1: 80  of 80  (100.0%).
Grade 2: 160 of 160 (100.0%).
Grade 3: 200 of 200 (100.0%).
Grade 4: 200 of 200 (100.0%).
Grade 5: 185 of 185 (100.0%).
Grade 6: 181 of 181 (100.0%).
JuniorHS: 934 of 934 (100.0%).

Anki stats. Gap at the beginning is where I idly flicked through a few kanji cards and decided I didn't like the look of it a couple of months before biting the bullet. Might try cleaning that up at some point. Also got about 30k reviews on deleted decks which are not shown here (these are active decks only).

My reading is much better now than it was back in December, so I'm half thinking I might re-take the N1 this year to go for a better pass than 109. Recently watched this and this, and only needed an occasional pause to understand every word, so I guess my listening is doing OK too, though I seem to have lost my anime-watching habbit lately.
Welcome to the fold fellow study logger. As we grow in number, so too do we grow in power.

I think I'll give that documentary a watch. The whole channel looks really interesting!
Achievement get! My reviews took 29 mins today, despite a recent spike in new cards, though the time might nudge over 30 mins slightly after the lapse reviews.

Some things done since the last entry:

Listened to all 4 eps of Gulliver's Travels from this channel a bit at a time while walking home from work (many thanks to IIRC buonaparte for the rec).

Started doing translation for a scanlation group, which is proving to be very good practice. Having to stick your neck out focuses the mind considerably, even if it is for a mildly smutty manga Blush

Also been doing anime j-subs for a subbing group for some time now, though mostly just QC lately because spending 3hrs/ep typing up the whole thing is beyond tedious.

Really liking this 180bpm compilation for running - strictly in the privacy of one's own headphones of course Blush

Finally got around to refactoring the JMDict deck generating code with a view to releasing a new version - coming soon ... if anybody cares Rolleyes
See this thread for Holiday Countdown Deals (until Dec 15th)
After playing with Kanji Tree for a bit I got the urge to learn to write, and started redoing RTK keyword -> kanji and writing them all out during the reviews this time. Started at a modest 50/day and found myself enjoying it, so that became 100/day after 2 days, then the weekend came along and I've just done 300/day for 2 days and hit the 1000 mark, putting me on course for a 2-week finish.

Finding it much easier this time round. Getting maybe 30% right off the bat (mostly the very simple and/or very common ones), and nearly all the rest just stick after the first go with very few problematic ones.

After writing them out I find that I'm able to visualise them much more clearly than before, which will hopefully have benefits for listening/reading.

[Image: z6h7S1n.png]
Just finished another exhausting day of Anki grinding on the insane kanji writing project.

Started at a vaguely sensible pace at first but found it so rewarding that I kept adding more and more until I just got completely exhausted. Numbers added each day:

Mon: 50 "Wow those first 50 were easy."
Tue: 50 "I'll just make it up to 100 and aim to finish in a month or so. No hurry."
Wed: 100 "100/day is a nice round number. It'll only take 3 weeks if I can keep this up."
Thu: 100
Fri: 100
Sat: 300 "If I do 300/day for the weekend I can make it 1000 for the week and boast about it on koohii."
Sun: 300 "Yay, 1000. *Boasts on koohii*"
Mon: 450 "Day off work. 300/day wasn't so hard. Maybe I can do 500/day. Nope."
Tue: 350 "Another day off work. Need 750 to finish the 6th ed ... OH GOD MAKE IT STOP!!"

Did manage to get to 1800 and bring the average up to 200/day despite the slow start though.

Getting a bit sick of it now. Gonna slow down a bit & aim for a 2-week finish of RTK1 + 3 if I can stand it  Confused

Really enjoying the increased clarity though, and it feels kind of nostalgic to be studying this intensively again. Since the N1 I'd just been letting things grind down. Hopefully this will kick my level up a notch. Should have done it ages ago Rolleyes

I have been following your posts for years and just came back to the forums. Congratulation on passing N1 - that is so impressive. You have made some great progress over this time.

Like you, this month, I am doing a massive re-review of RTK 6th edition, which I finished 2 years ago but have not review much. Tonight I just finished about 1103 kanji in 7 days, which is about 200 per day, with 2 lazy days of only reviews. I just reset my entire deck and started from scratch. I'll finish the second half in 7 days also.

The great news is that this time around the learning is incredibly quick and quite painless. Also my reviews are nearly 95% correct, which is much better than the first time around. I think it took some time for the kanji to embed themselves in memory.

Now just need to sit for a few JLPT exams to catch up with you there...

Keep up the good work!
Thank you for the encouragement scooter1 - definitely spurred me on a bit Big Grin

Just finished to the end of RTK 1 + 3 = 3032 kanji (25 extra due to a 6th ed -> 4th ed switch towards the end).

[Image: 2kbsaRw.png] (The 'progress graph' seems to have some kind of out-by-one bug).

Cheated a bit for the last 1000 or so though. Capped reviews to 100/day and skipped all learning steps, so really just rushed through to filter out the ones I either knew or almost knew (which was most of them).

Gonna have some tough reviews over the next few weeks, though the principal difficulty is with the keywords. By far my most common mistake is correctly writing the wrong kanji, despite having the readings on the front of the card, which I often miss due to rushing Rolleyes

Daily totals:
Mon 50
Tue 50
Wed 100
Thu 100
Fri 100
Sat 300
Sun 300

Mon 450
Tue 350
Wed 200
Thu 200
Fri 100 (started too late)
Sat 350
Sun 382