How do I translate effectively with books in iOS kindle app?

I can't figure how to use translation effectively on the iOS kindle app. When I tap and hold I can only get it to select a kanji rather than a whole word and then need to painstakingly extend the selection by hand. 

I got the sense from some other posts this shouldn't be a problem for official kindle store books. Is this just how it works though?

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No idea I'm sorry to say, but you should make your thread titles more descriptive in future.
Sadly, this has also been my experience with both the Kindle and Kobo apps, as well as the dedicated devices.  It helps to set the language on the device to Japanese if you haven't already, especially for vertical text.  Although that only improves the situation from "completely unusuable"  to merely "horrible."

As an alternative, I would suggest buying books from Kobo/Rakuten instead of Amazon, using Calibre and DeDRM to extract them, and then reading with the Wakaru app which does a much better job of marking word boundaries both automatically and manually.  (As a disclaimer, I've only played with Wakaru a little bit.  It seems really nice, but I can't promise that it's really usable long-term).  You could also convert books to HTML and read in a browser with Rikaikun, Yomichan, etc.
I like the Wakaru option. If you want a script to change the furigana to ruby I can post it here (I had a separate thread where I got help on that).

I had no idea changing the language of the phone made a difference in the kindle app for selecting text. My iPad is set to Japanese and it selects text a bit better although not really nice like Wakaru. I thought it was an iPad thing.
Thanks for the advice!

I tried setting the iPhone language to Japanese and it didn't help (although maybe there is some other setting I'm missing.)

I also tried the Kindle app on an Android. The text selection does work there although for some reason the dictionary is very limited and doesn't find many words.

I'm somewhat happy with using my Kindle Paperwhite. I just wish it were more portable and the lag when clicking on a word was slightly less.

I'll try the Wakaru option though installing the DeDRM thing makes me a bit queasy.
It's convenient so I'll just repost it in this thread. Here's the Search and replace expression to convert html style furigana to Aozora ruby as supported by Wakaru.

search regular expression:

replacement text:

After importing your file to wakaru, you need to edit the file to turn on ruby support. It defaults to off.