Anki Mobile: does it display Kanji & Kana natively?

1) Does Anki Mobile app for iOS display Kanji & Kana natively?

In other words, do Japanese characters look the same as the do in the computer version of Anki?

2)Does Anki Mobile support add-ons?   Are any needed?

What about Furigana?

Thanks very much.
Yes it does support them.
Depending on your installed fonts, maybe, it will look basically the same but the font may be different.

No. Probably not.

Furigana works.
I don't have the Anki Mobile, but Ankidroid (different dev) uses the default font unless the style has a font set and that font is available; Anki Mobile should be the same in this respect, since format is determined by the card data.

Kana should render fine, but kanji may be incorrect (Chinese font instead of Japanese font). Test your fonts with kanji like 領.
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Yeah, that's something worth mentioning, you might want to specify fonts shipped with your media folder or risk unihan characters being the 'wrong' shape.
You can specify Japanese character forms by setting the lang tag in your HTML template:
<span lang="ja">漢字</span>
You can use CSS to specify serif (mincho) or sans-serif (gothic) style text.

That's the most cross-platform way to do it (for Anki or a web page) as it will work regardless of what fonts are installed.
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