Anki addon to search and add images?

Is there an Anki addon which automatically searches and adds an image to a note?
(I don't mind if it's just the first Google Image result for a given word)

I've checked the addons page but I don't seem to find it.
I don't think there is, but you can drag an image directly from the Google search page onto an Anki card. (Not the thumbnail, but the larger image that appears when you click it without leaving the search page).
As I remember, the blocker on this is the google API, which severely rate limits the calls you can make with a given API key unless you cough up some serious dosh.
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(2017-06-14, 11:24 pm)gaiaslastlaugh Wrote: As I remember, the blocker on this is the google API, which severely rate limits the calls you can make with a given API  key unless you cough up some serious dosh.

Which renders the question (@cophnia61): do you want to do it on a card by card basis (as you review or cram) or as a batch process for a whole deck (or something along that line)?
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On a card by card basis, I don't think there's too much of a problem with the google API. I have a different SRS flashcard app called Flashcards Deluxe that has this function built in. I've tried using a batch file to do it for a whole deck of cards or rather a list of vocabulary words. It kind of worked for several hundred words but then the Google API got mad and locked temporarily from the website. I think the lock was for a few weeks. I basically gave up on the batch process after that. You might see my post in these forums getting some help on setting it up if you're curious.
sorry if I don't answer in detail but I'm with a sh**ty cellphone!

thank you all for your answers :p
I've found a way to do this programmately but the problem is that the images are often unrelated to the words, or they contain the word itself (thing that I don't want).

This is too bad because I've found images to be of great help with cloze deletion. But to select them by hand is a pita...

The fact is that I don't even need the images to be related to the words, as long as each word has a unique image which doesn't resemble the images of the other words.

Any suggestion on where to find this? Maybe stock image sites?

EDIT: I've found a good site with a huge amount of random images Smile
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I actually made/modified an addon specifically for this (and a few other features)

Hope you guys make as good use of it as I do. This thing is my bread and butter for grinding out new words.

As for something automatic - it's just not really ideal to do it that way. It's better to look up a word and add the image. Otherwise, you'll have to double-check the images eventually anyway. Sucks there's no way to preselect acutal good images, but this works well for me.
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Thank you vladz0r for your help!

I'm experimenting with images which represents more the the sentence than the word itself.

Example: if the word is 機能, and the sentence is 言葉の機能, I search an image which conceptually represents the sentence.

But I admit it sucks ._. I'd like do find a faster way to do this but I must admit that the use of images is too useful to be discarded.
I never made it public or free, but I still help interested people out with my personal addon for donations:
I made a bash script to do this for memrise a few years ago.. looking at it now I must have been in a fugue state..

# fetch link for download
imagelink=$(wget -e robots=off --user-agent "$useragent" -qO - "$link" | sed 's/\"ou\"/\n\"ou\"/g' | grep '\"ou\"\:\".*\(png\|jpg\|jpeg\).*ow\"' | awk -F'"' '{print $4}'| perl -n -e'/(.*?)(.)(jpg)(.*)|(.*?)(.)(jpeg)(.*)|(.*?)(.)(png)(.*)/ && print "$1$2$3\n"' | grep -v -e '^$' | head -n $count|tail -n1)

ug.. the horror.
i just add a goodle image search link in the card at the bottom... and as I go through new cards I search for each card's most appropriate image on google images one by one.

reasons why this is a good idea:
1) image search give you all sorts of weird / not useful results, because the internet is weird. searching for yourself gets much more useful results, but is admittedly more time intensive.
2) image search gives you a synopsis of the website below, which serves as an example sentence. searching yourself allows you to screengrab the image+sentence, crop them in images, and import that into the flashcard... voila, excellent context

here's the code for a direct image search to whatever is in your "Expression" field:
<a class="rel" rel="nofollow" href="{{Expression}}&oq={{Expression}}">Google Image Search</a>