Using kanji review function to review specific box

Is it possible to do a kanji review from to review kanji from a specific box? Sort of how you can select a specific box to review by clicking on the orange graph from the spaced repetition page to go to for instance. But instead of reviewing just expired kanji, I want to be able to review all kanji from that box. If this is already available and I'm just dense, I apologize. Or if it's not available but there's an alternate that's just as easy, I'd really appreciate any help!
It is not recommended do that as part of the SRS since you are reviewing ahead of time.

If you really want to do it somehow replace "type=expired" with "type=fresh" in the URL.

Are you trying to move cards upwards?

If you just want to do more reviews go the the "Kanji Review" page where you can do reviews indefinitely.
Edited: 2017-06-11, 5:05 am
Thank you very much for your quick answer to my question! I understand that it's not recommended to do that, but I'm glad that it's still possible to do so. I want to continue to do reviews today, and rather than selecting kanji manually, I figure the easiest way to bunch up all of the kanji I'm having trouble with is by reviewing by box. Like you said, maybe I shouldn't do that though and should instead let the SRS do it for me. Nevertheless, I appreciate your help!
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