Hey I'm strongly considering subscribing to but I'm wondering what it's like doing that outside of Japan. Is it like with Amazon e-books or do they accept customers from anywhere in the world? I already have a subscription to so will I need seperate devices or will it let me switch between accounts at will?
You need to get a new account, and I would recommend using a different email than your UK one. You may need to spoof your home address if they ask to somewhere in Japan, but they will take your card and billing address just fine.
Awesome thanks! Do you know about having two accounts linked to the same account? I.e. can I freely switch between my jp and uk accounts or do I need to have dedicated devices?
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I don't think you can switch freely, but if it's lilke my 2 US audible accounts, you can download a book, then log out of the app and back in as someone else, and all your downloaded content from the account you logged out from will remain.

This is how I do it on my Android app. Unsure about iPhone.
I use Audible Japan myself off and on. I'm in Japan so it's not like I need to trick them. However, Audible Japan is a bit different than when I used it in the States although maybe they've changed it since. You don't get to 'buy' books - it's more like a subscription to Netflix. So when you cancel, you have nothing. The selection is slowly getting better but it's nothing at all compared to the English language audible store.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I hadn't even thought to check if it worked differently from UK audible so that would have come as a huge shock months/years down the line. I'm really on the fence about this. I'd just about justified it to myself when Kraemder posted that extra bit of info. It seems like audible Japan is more expensive, gives you less and has a worse selection. Purely for entertainment it doesn't seem worth it but add to that the learning potential and it becomes pretty attractive.

I think I'm going to try the free trial. I have 3 audiobooks in mp3 format already though so I I'll make myself listen to them first and then see how I feel.