Just for information, Duolingo released today a Japanese course for English speakers (for IOS).
Meh, I was thoroughly unimpressed by their Vietnamese course, though for reason that shouldn't really effect Japanese. Nevertheless, one of their key decisions with that course left a bad taste in my mouth.. Their Japanese course will be too basic for me at this point anyway. But I am glad to see their asia language support growing.
Where is it? I don't see a Japanese option anywhere.
(2017-05-22, 3:08 pm)Stansfield123 Wrote: Where is it? I don't see a Japanese option anywhere.

It's only available on the iOS app.
I played around with it the last couple days. I'm beyond the level where this would be helpful, but it might not be a bad drilling/review game for someone earlier along in their path. Some of the English translations can be a bit nit-picky. I got one marked wrong, for instance, because I typed "On Saturday, I went to a movie with my friend" instead of "I went to a movie with my friend on Saturday." And it has a couple of sentences where "the/a" are a bit wonky in English.
Yes I think it maybe good for beginner with basic grammar.
Also at the following link there are the lessons for the course: