Japanese music thread?

Is there an existing thread for posting Japanese music?
(2017-05-06, 1:13 pm)ItaiB Wrote: Is there an existing thread for posting Japanese music?

Yes...See: The Japanese Lyrics Thread! 日本語歌詞スレ
That's lyrics not music. If you want band recommendations:
Wednesday Campanella or 水曜日のカンパネラ - hot modern up and coming EDM type group. I prefer my eelctronic music new-wavey or 90s ravey but this group is everything that is good about modern EDM with a cheerful lead lady that will make you so happy.

Shiina Ringo, in kanji 椎名林檎- the no1 queen of J-pop having taken on most genres in her 19 year career. She's had wacky phases and rocker phases and chill lounge jazz phases and a band called Tokyo Jihen which are also great. She helped organise the ceremony of Japan taking the Olympic flag at the end of the last Olympics. A legend.

Number Girl - getting harder here this is a punk rock type band. Groovy despite the aggression with one guitar bringing the aggressive sound and the other doing little spidery picked rythyms. They aren't around any more but just being able to listen to their albums like Num-heavymetalic and School Girl Distortional Addict is amazing.

Envy - keeping with harder stuff, this is a Post-hardcore band and that is not a genre that I usually listen to but this band is one of the best out there for sure. Their music actually provokes a lot of emotion in me. Their latest album, Atheists Cornea definitely takes you on an emotional journey, but their earlier albums are more varied.

The Oral Cigarettes - softening up here this band is really catchy energetic pop-rock with a slightly disturbing edge to it. The first song I found of theirs the chorus consisted most of the singer screaming 嫌い... And yeah somehow it's really good fun.

Soul Scream - another group that is broken up. Because they're 90s rap group haha. So chill I could listen to them all day on a nice sunny day, in fact I think I have. Great flows, relaxing but interesting beats and choruses I will sing along to. Their album The Deep makes me feel like I'm chilling under water.

Tricot - all girl band makes punk music with a poppy edge. Their songs have a certain wacky and endearing form of punk aggression and over all its a loud, happy young feeling.

School Food Punishment - one more disbanded band, they are a sort of alternative band... I dunno what to call them, very groovy band with electronic elements very airy uplifting sound with lots of groovy bass, guitar, synth, keys, drum lines etc weaving together under the sound of the female singer. Very interesting to listen to, not slow paced and chill but somehow manages to relax me soooo much, to the point that this is my band of choice to listen to when in pain, bizzare as that sounds.

Brian the sun - another pop rock type band. Really energetic and just brings my mood up so much. Makes me wanna jump up and dance.

Hinto - indie band, I dunno how to describe them just try them out.
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I don't think anyone would mind anyone posting J music in the lyrics thread. It's pretty much dead anyway. Rolleyes

Anyway I'll post some of the more accessible acts I like:

never young beach. Relaxing surf rock to chill out to. Hailed as the second coming of Happy End.

advantage Lucy: Feel-good Swedish/indie pop. Their albums become more sombre as members pass away or depart. I didn't think much of them at first but they grew on me and were my favourite band for quite a long time.

Moe and ghosts. Hip hop like you've never heard. There's really nothing quite like it. Have fun trying to catch any of the lyrics though.

indigo blue: country/folk

downy. Postrock, experimental, very atmospheric music. Listening to downy album makes me drop whatever I'm doing, close my eyes and just listen.

マスドレ - fast energetic alt rock, makes you feel like you're sprinting when you put on one of their albums. Cool
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(2017-05-09, 4:57 am)Helena4 Wrote: That's lyrics not music.
Technically yes, you're right. But in that thread we always posted music + lyrics. Just thought OP might wanna see some songs/bands posted there too.
Mixed bag of old and more recent things.
I don't have a prefered band and mostly pick up songs I like from random search or anime.

Zeebra// ol' good rap, like the beat and how the melody loops without getting on my nerve.

DJ Okawari// I'd call that peaceful rap or zen hiphop, in the same vein as nujabes. Some tunes have a Ghibli spirit in them.

Aya Kamiki// old stuff, classic jpop/jrock, seems to have disappear from the scene ^^;

BAND-MAID// More recent stuff, 'traditional' jrock :p, discovered on tv.

UVERworld// Like the song, but don't know anything about the anime. ^^;

Kurosaki Maon// Did all the endings of HOTD.
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Hi everyone, long time no see (read?). I want to come back to learning Japanese and I think in a few weeks time I will finally start with learning the language again. For now I want to ask you guys, if anyone knows bands that are similar to Furuido (古井戸) or Happy End (はっぴいえんど). I discovered the first just a few weeks ago and really enjoy their music. As for Happy End, I have been a fan for a few years now. But since both bands are not exactly mainstream I have a hard time finding new interprets with this kind of music. Would be wonderful, if anyone could suggest someone to me.

In case you don't know them, this is the most famous song by Happy End and this by Furuido. Check them out!
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Somehow their sound resembles Lynyrd Skynyrd and the like. Quite interesting, thanks!
What about キリンジ?
Not exactly the same, but you might want to check out kicell.
I will check both recommendations, thanks faneca and yogert!
Does Japan make music anymore? I hear nothing but foreign music here in Osaka, but I'm starting to think Osaka isn't really very Japanese also....
(2017-12-02, 2:01 am)theadamie Wrote: Does Japan make music anymore?

Japanese music has been in a very good place lately. It probably hasn't been this good since the late 90s, early 2000s.

However just like everywhere else in the world you no one is going to feed you the good stuff. If you want more than recycled pop music you need to go find it.

I don't know much about who is popular locally but there is a ton of stuff just on this one list.