I was wondering if anyone here was studying for the JLPT with the help of the Apps available out there.
Are there any recommendations ?
I have anki decks but would like to study in a more test-like environment since that will be the closest to the actual test. Smile
I'm not a fan of physical books etc. but will buy the crap out of any software/app/service that is good/helpful.

I have currently tried the following android apps:

* JLPT PRACTICE N1-N5 (JLD International,inc)
- Requires in-app purchase for levels above N5 and N4.
- The looping 3 second background music/noise starts to annoy after a while.
+ Looks like a good user interface and actually doing vocab and grammar is pretty smooth.
Worth buying ? (If I blast music loud enough with the music app the annying BG audio from the app is mostly drowned out)
They have a listening-test app for each level seperately.. these are of poor quality (robo-voice + non-native speakers), I wont be buying those.

* JLPT N2 (Smart Engineers Inc.)
I'm going for N2 so thats why I'm looking at this one. Theres one for each level.
+ This app looks like they've copied the actual JLPT test contents
+ The listening tests performed by native speakers but the audio quailty is low.
- But they placed big annoying ads ever so often between questions.
Can anyone confirm that the questions / vocab / listen-tests are authentic-ish JLPT ? I can stand the annoying ads that require pressing back a couple times in that case.

* Obenkyo (Atomusk)
+ Has which levels you would like to study
- No listening tests
- Not the easiest user interface, hard to read/touch answer buttons. More geared towards advanced users (took a bit of time to understand that some buttons do different things depeding on if you touch them on their right part or the left part ... Smile )
This one is fairly nice with all the levels in one app and the ads can be disabled.
I've set this to continous testing for JLPT N3 and N2, disabled romaji and disabled ads in the settings.

So is there an app out there that is really good and I've just totally missed it ?
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For Kanji, both KanjiBox and Skritter has JLPT lists you can practice with. That's only kanji and vocab practice, obviously.

Outside of that, I largely studied for N2 (and am studying for N1) by deep immersion, combined with occasional use of the 新完全マスター books. I think apps and such are fine up to N3, but for N2 and beyond, I think the focus should be on full immersion in native media. There's so much native content available that it's not worth it to restrict yourself to the artificial universe of an app. YMMV.
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