日本語の日記: Enistery Edition

Hello and welcome to my "I'm trying so hard to learn Japanese and don't know what I'm doing," work study log/diary/thing!

I'm not sure how much I'll update this, but I'm getting to the point in Japanese where I'm not going to be able to get any farther in the language unless I actually try forming sentences on my own and practice certain grammar forms. Luckily, kanji and vocab are okay for me since I'm currently enrolled in a Japanese course at my college; will hopefully be going on to minor in it, as well!

I started learning Japanese in fall of 2016. I've been a huge anime fan pretty much all my life, so certain words and catchphrases have always stuck with me, making the transition a little easier on me than it is for some other people. Not to say I'm an expert or anything; I'm nothing of the sort. I'm still very much a beginner with the language. I went back and forth on making an account here because I was unsure if my knowledge is even expansive enough to be considered 'intermediate,' lol. But I figured it wouldn't hurt!

Anyways, I love Japanese, and I really want to try to get better at it! Currently I'm focusing more on my processing speed while listening and have been reading the raw scans of some manga that I'm already pretty familiar with, in hopes of picking up new words and nuances and focusing on my kanji reading. I'm also trying to get better at speaking and making sentences that actually make sense.

That's about all I have to say for now! I look forward to my Japanese growing and getting to interact with the people here.
Welcome and good luck! I'm always interested in hearing about learning journeys at any stage.

The "getting better" phase will last a long time (I am on year 14 and still trying to get better at Japanese) but if you post once in a while about specific goals you're trying to conquer, people here might have advice. Or just be here to cheer you on.

Sometimes I miss that early stage... it was easier to measure progress then! Have fun!
Wow, I already forgot to update this. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

Haven't seen too much progress. Remembering forms and grammar structures sure is hard, but I've started trying to make it routine to try and translate basic-ish sentences I hear from people or in media I'm consuming. I'm sure they're riddled with grammar problems, and that could cause difficulty, but I think it's definitely helping to some degree considering my test scores have improved quite a bit.

I think it'd be easier if I had a conversation partner, but I'm incredibly busy so that makes it difficult. So, mind-translating it is for now.

I'm a bit worried that I'm going to forget everything over summer, so I'm hoping I'll be able to force myself to review terms and grammar patterns every few days to help keep me on track. I guess we'll see how that goes, lol...

Finals are first week of June, so I hope this pays off! It'd be nice to be able to speak in decent-ish Japanese if/when I study abroad.